Picks of the Pen (5/3)

Welcome of the first May edition of Picks of the Pen.  I’m still recovering from my weekend golf trip to Falls City, Nebraska so I apologize that this is a few hours later than normal this morning.  I also hope your Monday has started off a little more smoothly than mine.  Whether it has or not, please check out and enjoy the following links.  [...]

The sabermetric community had a visceral, negative reaction to the Ryan Howard extension announced this week.  Tom Tango of The Book Blog has a rational, three-part response based on historical comps and Wins Above Replacement.

Harvey Pavlidis of the Hardball Times takes a look at the stuff of 7 rookie starters currently in MLB rotations.  Mitch Talbot, Wade Davis, Brian Matusz, Jamie Garcia, Michael Leake, Jonathon Niese, and Daniel McCutchen are covered in this piece.

Everyone knows that the Royals ineptitude is limiting the greatness of Zack Greinke, but not everyone is fully aware of what the Kansas City roster is doing to this truly special talent.  Royals Review provides some amazing facts along these lines.

Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and Jorge Posada were all signed within 28 months of each other in 1990. Twenty years and five World Series rings later, they’re still together in pinstripes.  This may never be seen again in professional sports.

Tony Plush talks about the Nationals solid start.  Tony Plush is a beast, Nyjer Morgan is just a gentleman.

Yahoo! Sports is worried about the desensitization you’re getting with regards to “furniture on baseball players” violence. This is the kind of behavior consistent with one of those kids who breaks into people’s homes and sets the couch on fire, and we all knew a couple of those kids.

Mike Freeman looks ahead to the 2011 MLB All-Star Game in Arizona and why the MLB should boycott the venue and find a new location.

With Ryan Howard getting “paid”, Albert Pujols’ agent tells Joe Strauss of the St Louis Dispatch that Pujols is on an Island all by himself, saying it is almost certain that Albert will get over $30MM annually.

It’s somewhat old news that the Royals front office makes questionable personnel decisions, but it’s reached somewhat new heights recently with the Alex Gordon demotion and Carlos Rosa trade, as broken down by Fangraphs’ R.J. Anderson.

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