Picks of the Pen (5/17)

It’s already been a crazy Monday morning so let’s get right into the links.

Joe Posnanski is an unrivaled genius with the pen, his piece on pitching genius, Joakim Soria, is classic Posnanski gold. He even quotes a poem that was also quoted in Bull Durham, what’s not to love?

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If only I’d seen this before Mother’s Day. “Ma, I got you a slice of Lenny Dykstra’s unending downward spiral!”

Even though sabermetrics guys often talk in absolutes, there’s apparently a hidden subtext of potential prediction error in everything they write.  Fangraphs’ Matt Klaassen discusses when predictions go wrong in relation to Pat Burrell, who was recently DFA’d by the Rays after over a year of poor play.

ESPN often takes too many liberties with their sports highlights and Bengie Molina calls them out for it. I applaud Bengie for standing up for himself. Whether ESPN intended to humiliate or criticize is immaterial. Bottom line it was completely unnecessary. Just as it is unnecessary to cut into your show to replay Derek Jeter hitting a ground-out with no one on base. Thank goodness for MLB Network.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines put together another eye-opening piece on Bernie Carbo and his alcohol and drug abuse during the 70’s and his excessive use before hitting a crucial home run in game 6 of the 1975 World Series.

While Craig Biggio waits for his call to Cooperstown in a few years, the Astros great is coaching high school baseball. Biggio led St. Thomas to a 5A Texas state championship in his second season as head coach.

Beyond the Box Score reader philkid3 asked a question most people still don’t have a strong answer for: what pitching metric should we use to determine who the best pitcher was during some time period? What ensues is an interesting discussion that is a must-read for all those interested in defense-independent pitching stats (DIPS).

Every Team not including the Red Sox and Yankees, normally have to rebuild at some point, and Peter Gammons takes a look at two teams that have completed the rebuilding stage in the Rays and Rockies, and how they struggled at first but are seeing it payoff now.

Make Joe Sheehan right.

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