A trip to Target Field and upcoming content

If you are wondering why Roster Moves hasn’t appeared in a while, there are two reasons.  The first was the MLB draft (which gobbled up my Monday), and the second was my trip to Minnesota to visit my family this week.  As a part of the second reason, my wife and I checked out Target Field for the first time tonight.  If you’d like to read my thoughts about our outing, you can check out an article I published over on Kings of Kauffman.

I will be in Minnesota with the wife and kids through Monday, so Roster Moves will remain “interrupted” until Tuesday.  As far as what else the future hold with respect to content here on CttP, I hope to get some draft related stuff up next week and I also hope to kick off a new series very soon.  Said series will examine the minor league system of each organization by way of each team’s top ranked prospects.  We have also been working behind the scenes to put together some All-Star related content that will be published in the coming weeks.  One project is a collaborative effort that involves the lead writers of all of our MLB team sites.  The second project is a collaborative effort that involves just the members of the Call to the Pen staff.

I anticipate that The Baseball Side of FanSided and Picks of the Pen will appear on their regularly scheduled days of Saturday and Monday, and of course our daily columns will continue on with minimal interruption. However, tomorrow there will not be a Saber-Slant column published and I’m not sure what (if anything) will appear in its place.

Until next we meet!

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