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As you enjoy these links, you can think of the fun I am having driving back to Kansas City with my wife and kids.  Zachary woke up a bit cranky this morning so it could be an “interesting” ride.

The Dodgers almost certainly won’t have the money to sign their expensive first-round draft pick, but they could have had a bit more had they not paid a Russian “healer” six figures. Seriously.

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Despite his recent blown call that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game, Umpire Jim Joyce is still considered by the players to be the best umpire in the game today.

There was a lot of talk about some of the changes Alex Anthopolous was going to make to the Jays during this tenure as he took the reins after the 2009 season. Well, Jordan Bastien explains some of those changes as they apply to the draft in this piece and adds some information from Alex Anthopolous’s right hand man for the draft, Andrew Tinnish.

I think if they had gotten Ryan Howard and Chase Utley on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” last year, when the Phillies didn’t have a festering dried up cess pool for an offense, it would have been a lot funnier.

With all the attention on Stephen Strasburg in Washington, Mike Stanton is making waves in Florida as the future of the Marlins franchise. Will Stanton be the greatest hitter of his generation? Jeff Passan discusses Stanton’s impact.

Daniel Nava went from an equipment manager because he wasn’t good enough to walk on to Santa Clara’s baseball team to an all-conference pick as a senior to independent leagues to Fenway Park as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Boston’s original investment: $1 His journey and the exclamation point today: priceless.

After being declared one of the winter’s big winners, the Mariners have come up losers during the season. Greg Johns of the Seattle Post-
Intelligencer takes at look at the struggling team and what might happen next.

On Royals Review, NW Royal took issue with a recent Hardball Times article that claimed the Royals were close to fielding a good time.  As a Kansas City resident, I know all too well the flaws that are inherent when a bunch of “what ifs” come together and I applaud NW Royal for taking the time to point that out.

If only Adam Darowski’s baseball Saber-Cards were available in packs at the store.

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