Picks of the Pen (8/2)

The flurry of deals that occurred over the weekend has given this week’s Picks of the Pen a decidedly distinct trade deadline flavor.  We hope you find that to your liking, but if not there are some other topics sprinkled in.  Enjoy the links after the jump!


What in god’s name is going on at Citi Field?  First these people can’t get tapped on the arm without bodyslamming themselves, and now they’re running onto thebaseball field… during the game?!?! Real original.  At least this guy’s interruption of the game was for political purposes.  That’ll show those filthy Diamondbacks how to kick immigrants out of the country!  /facepalm

Anyway, here’s some sheer insanity from Scott Allen at Venom Strikes.


With the non-waiver trade deadline a thing of the past, Peter Gammons took time to review the top 10 story lines from Saturday and which teams are emerging as contenders in 2010.

The guys over at Rayhawk Review covered the biggest story for the Tampa Bay Rays this week, Matt Garza’s no-hitter. Garza’s gem was the 1st no-hitter in the franchise history and came at a crucial time for a team in the middle of a tight AL East race.


Being a Tigers fan, I’m almost ashamed of how many Royals writers I routinely read, but for whatever reason the Royals have the absolute number one group of writers in all the interwebs. Is it the bad baseball that breeds great writers? Also, how can so many great baseball minds be Royals fans, yet the team management is so not very baseball-savvy? Either way, Rany Jazayerli is one of the best there is and it was a joy to read his take on the Kansas City trade deadline.

Over at Tomahawk Take, David Lee gives us the other side of the Royals/Braves trade that took place mere moments before the deadline passed. It’s good to know (and rare) that fans of the Royals and Braves both like this trade.


FanGraphs’ Jack Moore analyzes how the Pirates surprisingly had one of the most productive trade deadlines of any team.

Here’s a convincing case for why not Matt Capps or Jon Rauch, but Matt Guerrier should close for the Twins, over at Twinkie Talk.


If you ever wanted a simple breakdown of how runs are valued in baseball, look no further than this set of articles by Tom Tango on the value of bases and outs. I recommend it highly for all beginners interested in sabermetrics.

Tom over at Rum Bunter wonders whether Pedro Alvarez can be good enough to steal some of the spotlight from the return of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Imagine the greatest fireballer of all-time in a battle with the most colorful owner in sports. It appears Nolan Ryan and Mark Cuban will face off in an auction to buy the Texas Rangers. This should be interesting.

Brandon Wolfe at Nolan Writin’ looks at the Rangers busy July. In getting Bengie Molina, Cliff Lee, Jorge Cantu, and Cristian Guzman, Texas is making sure October is on the schedule.


Kenny Williams delivers the prank of the year, as joking with second baseman Gordon Beckham telling him that he has been traded. Beckham, spent most of the last week being terrified of getting traded.

Even though Omar Vizquel is one of the oldest players in the game, he still is very influential. Southside Showdown reminds us of the tutoring he has done to Alexei Ramirez.


Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe comments on the Red Sox lackluster deadline acquisitions this year.

Meanwhile, Bosox Injection lead Brian Phair has his on take on whether a flurry of deals would have been enough anyhow.


Tom Tango embarks down a path of filled with hypotheticals and winds up with an extremely thought provoking piece called God and .500.

When the deadline dust had settled, Alex Barnes of Rox Pile, assessed how each team in the NL West fared at the trade deadline and then assigned grades based on their performance.

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