Picks of the Pen (9/13): Staffing Changes Ahoy

It’s the middle of September.  For most teams the season is winding down while a few select teams (and their lucky fans) are gearing up for playoff baseball.

Against that backdrop, this week’s edition of Picks of the Pen brings with it a few announcements.  First off, I changed my role a bit with the FanSided.com Sports Network.  To read more about this change, check out one of my links.

Speaking of new roles, Steve Engbloom from Blog Red Machine and Michael Engel from Kings of Kauffman have joined the Call to the Pen staff.

Sadly this weeks announcements also include the news of two departures from our staff.  Kris Willis has elected to resign from our staff though he will continue on as the Lead Writer over on Tomahawk Take.  The second departure is that of Mat Germain.  Mat returned to our staff a while ago but due to professional and familial commitments he has been unable to allocate the time necessary to write.  We all hope that he will be able to return to writing in the near future over on Jays Journal.


I understand that you need to pretend you’re talking to a child when speaking to Yankees fans, so this video makes a lot of sense to me.  It also helps if the main points of you argument are “The Yankees are really awesome,” and “Seriously, how awesome are they Yankees?” (Though according to Joe Posnanski, one of them in particular isn’t so awesome anymore)

I’m a Tom Smith fan, but what I’m even more of a fan of is that his team is the Pirates.  It proves he’s got the heart to withstand far, far too much treachery than any one man should be forced to endure. Photoshop me a dream, Tom.


There has been much controversy surrounding a Mets team trip to the Walter Reed Veteran’s Hospital. Three players failed to show and the team is lumping all the insubordinates together. This is why the Mets continue to be a laughing stock, as Scratchbomb.com explains.

With all the talk of a potential triple crown winner in the National League this year, there is now a new name to toss into the MVP race as well. No longer are we simply looking at Alert Pujols or Joey Votto as possibilities, but as Alex Barnes explains, Colorado’s Carlos Gonzalez is in the running for both a triple crown and an MVP.


The New York Mets visited the troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center earlier this week. Well, most of the Mets went anyway. Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez, and Luis Castillo all decided not to go. Wow. Jeff Pearlman of SI says they’ll regret failing to realize the gift that comes with being a pro athlete — the gift to touch others and make their lives better even if just for a day.

Ed Carroll of Deep Left Field enjoyed a day off Friday at the ballpark in Cleveland. Fausto Carmona made it well worth the trip with a three-hit shutout. The gem inspired Ed to break down the performance with Carmona’s first name. F-A-U-S-T-O-!


There really is no lead into this next link, but Giants First baseman Aubrey Huff Shares with Fox Sports why a red Victoria Secrets’ thong has led to the Giants hot streak.

While he may not be the next Dieon Sanders, or Bo Jackson, Pat White adds to the list of athletes who have participated in both the NFL and MLB. Michael Engel, Kings of Kauffman, has more on White’s decision to convert to the MLB.


David Brown of Big League Stew recently caught up with and interviewed Matt Stairs. Everyone loves Matt Stairs so I just had to pass it along since they talk about beer, pizza and losing baseball in Kansas City.

Technically this should be a link to one of our sites, but as I mentioned above, my role has changed here at FanSided. If you care to read about it, you can head over to my personal site. If you’d rather not, just know that the change will hopefully allow me to focus more of my time writing for this site and less of my time in an administrative capacity.


Despite winning 2 of 3 againt the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Reds starting staff received nothing for their efforts. Oh, and the Reds have a couple of issues. Big issues.

Speaking of the Reds, they honored Pete Rose this past weekend for breaking Ty Cobb’s hit record. The “Hit King” was not permitted to talk before or after the ceremony at GABP. It was later at an Indiana casino (insert ironic one-liner here) during a roast in Rose’s honor that Rose literally opened up about his gambling.

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