Picks of the Pen (9/20): Hershiser is Still a Role Model

Orel Hershiser is a wonderful human being. Because of that, this link gets top billing on this week’s edition of Picks of the Pen. If you are looking for something positive to read today, definitely check it out. Also, make sure you also read the comments for some more great “Orel is a good guy” stuff.

When you’re done with that, please check out the rest of our picks after the jump and have a great day.


I guess its the incoming post season that makes me so liberal with the anti-Yankees links.  But it is also probably my passion for things that cause them to suffer, which apparently Derek Jeter is doing after this really old man cut one of his rarer rookie baseball cards in half with a pair of scissors.

As Vin Diesel said in the iconic American film, The Fast and Furious, “It doesn’t matter if its by an inch or a mile; winning’s winning,” (or something).  The Giants are now the Diesel to the Padres’ Paul Walker, pulling 1/2 a game up.  That NL West is getting a little 2 Fast 2 Furious, if you know what I mean!  Ha!  Sorry.


After an impressive career as the manager of the New York Yankees, Joe Torre took his services to the west coast. This week Torre announced that he was retiring at the end of the season, but Mike Bauman of MLB.com is not convinced this is that last we will see of Torre. He believes there will be many opportunities open for the classy, proven manager if he is so inclined.

On a different note, the San Francisco Giants have been teetering between 1st and 2nd  place in the NL West this past week, ending Sunday back on top. Bryan over at Frisco Fastball recaps the victory on Sunday that boosted the Giants back into the division lead and looks at some of the news and notes for the Giants down the stretch. Fasten your seat-belts, because the NL West race is just starting to get interesting.


The Twins have all but wrapped up their second straight AL Central title and Ron Gardenhire gets all the credit in the world as being a tremendous manager. Unless you’re a Twins fans, I guess. What does this guy have to do to earn the respect of the fans? As far as I’m concerned, Gardy is the best in the business. You know who agrees with me? Joe Posnanski, that’s who.

More form the Twins, Steve Fetch of Twinkie Talk gives us the skinny on a Cy Young candidate that no one is talking about. When you look at the numbers he lays out for you, it is a compelling case.


For the second year in a row, Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passan provides 25 things you didn’t know about baseball.

You could look at injuries as one reason the Philadelphia Phillies struggled. A major reason the Phillies have bounced back is because of Roy Oswalt. An interesting look at Oswalt by Justin Klugh provides a different perspective on Philly’s newest contributor.


Carlos Gonzalez wasn’t always destined for stardom. Just last year, he was struggling to prove himself and the majors and had already been traded twice. Now, he has a shot at the Triple Crown and MVP. His past failures are part of the reason for his success today.

The Mets are holding open tryouts or at least looking to hire some new employees in the front office and on the field. Ok, this isn’t invincible but it is funny. Rising Apple shares this parody that pokes fun at the Mets sad state of affairs


Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of when a trade goes down, MLB Trade Rumors has an excellent piece covering the backstage conversations that went down during the Miguel Tejada trade.

With the Reds looking destined for the playoffs, Steve Engbloom of Blog Red Machine, breaks down the starting pitching probabilities for the Reds rotation in the playoffs.


From time to time you notice some eye-popping statistics if you follow baseball.  How about this one: the Seattle Mariners are on pace to finish with the worst run-producing club in a long, long time.  Also, the Diamondbacks are trying to become the most prolific lineup in history at striking out.  That’s not a distinction a team hopes to earn, but the Diamondbacks are barreling right for it.  And as Joe Posnanski notices, it may not even be as bad a thing as we think it is.

Meanwhile Michael Jong at Marlin Maniac is striking fear in the hearts of the Florida fanbase by comparing uber-prospect Mike Stanton to … Wily Mo Pena?  Take a deep breath Marlins fans, it’s not as bad as it may seem.  Michael puts in some good analysis to make the case that similar does not always mean the same.  (Or at least, for Stanton’s sake, one would hope not)


Sure the NFL season may be two weeks in, but I’ve been itching for some 2011 MLB Draft talk? When it comes to the draft and prospects, the guys at Baseball America are always there for me.

Jordan Campbell of Cubbies Crib covers why Chicago is eyeing Adam Dunn.

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