Picks of the Pen (10/11 ... A Few Days Late)

It’s not an illusion. This week’s edition of Picks of the Pen is indeed a few days late. The reason that this got knocked off schedule will be explained after the jump. So, let’s get right into the first ever “hump day” version of PotP!


You always kind suspected that Tim Lincecum was able to pleasure women with solely the sound of his voice, and thanks to his post game FCC-slap-in-the-face, we got to hear Timmy do just that to Amy Gutierrez.

If you’re one of the many victims of a team who couldn’t crack playoff berth, Joseph Lopez has some antidotes for you over at Swingin’ A’s.  Though some teams may not have the optimistic future outlook that the A’s do, so there’s a chance it would just deepen your crippling depression.

Ha, ha! Baseball!


The Rays forced a Game Five back at the Trop by taking both games in Arlington. Matt Staton of Rayhawk Review gives us the good news that not only have the fans finally come around to going to Rays games, but for Game Five, they’ll have even more seats to fill.

Moving away from the postseason and on to the hot stove for a bit, Craig Calcaterra passes a long the “news” that Johnny Damon, who will not be back in Detroit next year, would like to play for… the Yankees, again. Let’s hope this gets wrapped up quickly this time, eh guys?


An interesting post on Albert Pujols’ impending free agency and the shift it could cause in MLB’s landscape.

Who’s better: the Phillies or Giants? Leave it to Justin to get to the bottom of it.


The term “fan” has a wide range of meanings. Some are borderline lunatics. Some are laid back and adhere to an “oh, well” attitude. Erin over at Twinkie Talk shares her view on being a fan of the Twins … her feeling about New York.

Speaking of the Yankees, over on MLBlogs, Yankee Yapping examines the Yanks sweep of the Twins. Yapping being the operative word.


A little break from the exciting playoff action takes us to Chicago where the Cubs search for their next manager. The people’s choice and Cubs Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg enjoyed 18 holes of golf with Chicago Tribune writer Teddy Greenstein. Sandberg was more relaxed than his playing days and even joked around with his group. Find out a little more about the Cubs managerial hopeful.

Justin Klugh over at That Ball’s Outta Here is having another October to remember as a Phillies fan and blogger. He breaks down the latest highlight for this Phils club: Roy Halladay’s no-hitter. The Reds reaction ranged from denial to awe to disrespect for Doc’s spectacular night.


Want to get your hands on a peice of history, well you have the chance, as Former Cubs reliever Mike Remlinger is auctioning off the Corked bat used by Sammy Sosa in a 2003 game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The Chicago Sun Times goes more into the story, including how Remlinger got his hands on the bat.

Granted Braves infielder Brooks Conrad’s blunders defensively contributed to the Brave’s loss in Game 3, David Lee at Tomahawk Take says the blame should be on how the game was managed defensively, and Conrad should had not have been on the field late in the game.


There’s a lot of talk about Brooks Conrad out there right now, and the burden of his miscues against the Giants. While his errors on Sunday won’t be remembered like Bill Buckner’s 1986 error, he’s feeling pretty meek all the same. Rob Neyer glances at his situation and points out the unlucky health of Martin Prado that led to Conrad being on the field at all.

Griffin Cooper on SoDo Mojo sums it up pretty nicely. While I’m a Royals fan, and we haven’t had high expectations for the team since the Reagan administration, I still understand the disappointment a losing season causes. My Royals only won 67 games, but they could have won 68. Just one more win, just that much better. And instead, another bad losing season occurs. Just one more win, enough to encourage you for next year. But alas, there are only so many wins to go around, and Griffin reminds us as fans to stick with it.


On FanGraphs, Maury Brown gives us a heaping helping of MLB’s 2010 regular season attendance complete with graphs.

Steve Engbloom, of Blog Red Machine, takes a slightly different tact with his post-season awards by naming his first ever All-NL Central team.

Site News:

I promised an explanation for why this week’s Picks of the Pen is two days late so here it is … After struggling for several months to continuously juggle all the balls I have up in the air and stay motivated to write, I have decided to take a “leave of absence” from Call to the Pen and FanSided until January 1st, 2011. Despite this decision and my “leave” I will remain active in some facets of the network but I don’t plan on posting any content between now and my return. As soon as my batteries have recharged, I will jump back into the fray and hopefully return to publishing content several times a week or (if time allows) on a daily basis. I will definitely be back by the 1st of the new year but may return earlier depending on how things progress with other projects.

This is not a departure by any means. It is simply me taking a step back to catch my breath. I have the utmost confidence that the rest of the CttP staff will keep things rolling while I am away. Because of this transition, Picks of the Pen, took a back seat for a brief moment as I was working out the details of my temporary absence from the site and as I was tying up some loose ends.

In addition to my leave of absence, a few other things are changing here at Call to the Pen. Ryne will be moving his column from Saturday to Tuesday or Thursday in the coming weeks. Starting this week, Nathaniel will be moving his column from Thursday to the Saturday slot that was occupied by Ryne.

In addition to juggling our lineup a bit, we are looking to add a few more writers to bolster our staff and add more content to the site.

Change is a constant, even on Call to the Pen!

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