Picks of the Pen: This is the New Bob, Same as the Old Bob

The A’s celebrated their 10th straight loss this week, and amidst the swirling L’s, they managed to find somebody else to run the show.  Manager Bob Geren was jettisoned by Billy Beane, making way for the clearly terrified Bob Melvin, who is sitting up there, right over what must be an unseen pit of poisonous snakes.


This week Joe Pawlikowski over at Fangraphs.com took a look at some of the worst offensive performers in the league.  He started off talking about the very real chance the Giants may cut ties with the fast fading Miguel Tejada.  While Tejada’s been bad, it turns out that he’s not been the worst.  In the words of Pawlikowski, that dishonor goes to Chone Figgins.  Pawlikowski discusses the Mariners options with Figgins and how the team may be able to squeeze some production out of their dormant O.

Jonathan Papelbon made news this week for his ump bump that could end up costing him 3 games.  Some Papelbon related news that I did not notice was that the right hander was able to pick up his 200th save this week.  Derek Stykalo over at BoSox Injection detailed the event and took a deeper look at Papelbon’s future in Boston.


Nyjer Morgan isn’t one of those guys who puts a few days of “normal stuff” between the occasional “crazy thing.”  He just strings together a series of actions that, if we were all cartoon characters, would be filling our thought balloons with question marks.  So this isn’t meant to surprise you, just keep you updated:  When Nyjer Morgan hit his walkoff double to give the Brewers a win, he did not know what the score was and was confused as to why everybody ran onto the field.  His post game interview was littered with classic Plush:

“I’m a ballplayer, just… I don’t need to know anything.”

The longer Jason Bay waits to turn things around, the worse and worse the names being linked to him are going to get.  Ben Berkon at Rising Apple puts him at “Carlos Baerga” these days, but with no end in sight, he could reach “Mo Vaughn” territory in no time.


The Good Point discusses a much talked about subject–Tropicana Field. Even though the Rays have been very good for the past four seasons, the fans are still not coming to the park. Are the attendance woes due to a bad stadium or bad location? Some local writers give their own opinions including Fansided’s own Ben Ice.

Joseph Lopez of the Swinging A’s recaps the A’s tenth straight loss. During the streak, the Athletics fired their manager Bob Geren and hired Bob Melvin on an interim basis. The A’s lost Melvin’s first game amid some pessimism for what looks already like a promising season gone lost.


It’s no secret that the upcoming 2011-2012 offseason could be one of the most exciting in history, but there’s no telling just how everything might play out. However, Jayson Stark has evaluated the recent performance of five franchise cornerstones who will soon be on the market to provide somewhat of a preview in the form of a “free-agent meter.” David Ortiz, Jimmy Rollins, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, and Albert Pujols will all be in search of a new contract in about five months, and for middle-age players like them, it is crucial to prove there worth right now.

During a time when it seems as though the Mets are making more headlines for financial reasons than actual baseball reasons, it makes sense that offseason arbitration is a big deal. The future of the New York franchise is looking shady at best right now, so as Matt Kaufman of Rising Apple explains, the Mets will have some important decisions to make regarding arbitration-eligible players for the next few years.  For those of us who aren’t entirely clear on the whole arbitration process, this article also provides some details of the process.


The Royals are known as having an impressive collection of young talent, but it’s never to early to build for the distant future, so many fans are no doubt wondering how this year’s crop of Royals draftees stacks up. Minor League Ball prospect expert John Sickels gives his initial reactions.

Nate Gilmore of Puckett’s Pond has been doing an excellent series on strong Twins teams of years past, and his look at the 2003 team continues his excellent work. At least Minnesota fans can take solace in all of these other good years!

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