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While there are one or two theories floating around as to the background of his decision, Jim Riggleman up and quit on Mike Rizzo, Jayson Werth, Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, and all those other Nationals players you’re aware of.  “I do feel like I know what I’m doing,” he told reporters.

As the second NL East manager to bail out within a week, one has to wonder: are Jim Riggleman and Edwin Rodriguez planning a secret side project?

As an MLB outsider, I can say with the utmost certainty:  Definitely no, they are not.

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Another ESPN.com reporter brought up a topic that’s been debated for years this week.  Jerry Crasnick asked the question, should Major League Baseball expand its rosters beyond 25?

Crasnick got the opinions of several front offices around the league.  He also dove into the history of the argument and goes over the reasons for and against roster expansion.

There has been a lot of news surrounding the NL East this week, between coaching resignations and injury updates.  But one story that’s also caught national attention deals with Marlins’ slugger Hanley Ramirez.  ESPN’s Buster Olney reported that there are several in and around the Marlins’ organization questioning whether the team should trade Ramirez.

Michael Jong over at Marlin Maniac went over the situation in depth this week and came to the conclusion that it would be ridiculous for the club to trade Ramirez.


Speaking of Jim Riggleman,  because that was me typing that intro up there so technically this is a seamless transition despite Blaine being crammed in the middle, check him out getting toasty the night after becoming unemployed.  Jim Riggleman, I mean.  Not Blaine.

You have to wonder, though–leaving in the middle of the season, just as the Nats were getting way-hot, breaking a contract?  How employable will Jim Riggleman be after all of this?  How employable was he after chugging a beer or four?

I’ll be honest, I would hire Jim Riggleman to manage my baseball team, because I don’t have the professional filter to put in front of him.  I think he’s a good manager who got up from the table with the table cloth stuck in his pants.  Maybe a bit unprofessional, but still worthy of a chance with a fresh organization.  Plus we could be drinking buddies.  And maybe he’s got Jayson Werth’s phone number so I can finally apologize for that “misunderstanding” about “breaking into” his hotel room.

Leslie Monteiro of District on Deck takes Riggleman’s decision to task, concluding that his resigning didn’t really do him a lot of good.


What do you know? The Rays actually have enough of a history to wear throwback uniforms. Or at least Tampa Bay does. On July 2, the Rays will wear the uniforms of the 1951 Tampa Smokers. There’s only one problem, at least according to some: the Rays changed the uniform by taking out the cigar that is displayed under the lettering.

It came as a shock to those that follow baseball that the red-hot Washington Nationals were suddenly without their manager on Thursday. Jim Riggleman won a game 1-0 against the Mariners and then resigned.  Leslie Monteiro of District on Deck discusses the moved and harshly criticizes Riggleman saying that he should be “ashamed” for the way that he has acted.


It’s not often that the general manager of a team that is 31-46 and 12 games out of first place is feeling pretty confident about the rest of the season, but that seems to be the case with Jim Hendry and the Chicago Cubs.

Hendry’s optimism is simply unrealistic in this case, and it has sparked some heated frustration among Cubs fans, which is displayed by Jordan Campbell of Cubbies Crib. I understand Hendry’s attempt to maintain a positive attitude, but he has a responsibility to be honest with himself and his team, especially with his job hanging in the balance.

In an era dominated by pitching, Jose Bautista has quickly become baseball’s best power hitter. Bautista has absolutely taken MLB by storm, showcasing his extraordinary talent and exceeding the expectations that anyone had for him. However, as Peter Gammons of MLB.com points out, home runs are not the only thing that makes Jose a special player.

Two years ago, nobody even knew his name. Now, he has more all-star votes than anyone. Toronto isn’t exactly the best place for baseball publicity, but Bautista’s story is one that should be admired by all.


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