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First Marlins reliever Edward Mujica gets caught sleeping in the bullpen on camera, then the analyst goes into a mini-tirade about how shameless and offensive it is, then there’s an awkward silence before he mutters “…sheesh,” like a disgusted parent.  He also admits that he “…doesn’t even know who that is.”

Honestly, don’t watch the clip if you’ve ever nodded off at your desk because this announcer will make you feel like a leech and all of society is the hard-working host that you’re slowly killing.



While Heath Bell has been the big name reliever mentioned in trade talks as the deadline approaches, he may not even be the most coveted bull pen arm on his own team.  Mike Adams may take that distinction because of his performance and the fact that he will be under team control longer than Bell.

In his “What Could Have Been” series, Ben Berkon over at Rising Apple takes a look at how it came to be that Adams is no longer under his team’s control.  Berkon reviews Adams’ trip around the majors and how he ultimately found a home in San Diego.

As the All-Star break passed and the second half of action began, Chris Cwik over at Fangraphs.com took a look at what he believes will be some of the more intriguing MLB story lines of the summer.  Cwik’s question marks surround the mess that is the Dodgers, MVP candidates, upcoming free agency and who will step up and be true contenders as the year progresses.


For anyone interested in viewing the results of the All-Star Game through the obscure perspective of a hardcore Marlins fan, take a gander at Strip Club with Stanton’s summation of events of the past week.  He reports that Gaby Sanchez was “…not nearly the most useless Marlins All-Star ever.”  The trophy associated with such an honor is  six inches tall and features solid gold figurines representing the recipient’s parents shrugging.  The All-Star Game is still relevant, right?  Or am I days behind schedule again.  Don’t tell me if I am.

Meanwhile, Steve Engbloom of Blog Red Machine has a special message for anyone chastising Brandon Phillips’ showboating–kindly clamp that mouth hole.  It’d be a hell of a testament to our athletes’ character if every moment on the field transpired with class.  But as Steve points out, every sport we play is littered with clowns, whom are emphasized in moments of giddiness.  Its hilarious when its a guy on your side and its infuriating when its the opposition.  For the most part, though, its shows that even those with the maturity and skill of a pro ballplayer also never outgrow that sense of childlike enthu–



Brandon Phillips has always been a guy who gives fans plenty to talk about, and fresh off a walk-off home run to propel the Reds past the Cardinals Friday night, he’s in the spotlight now more than ever. The all-star second baseman is having arguably the best season of his career, and at the end of the 2011 season, it will be up to the team
to pick up a $12 million option to keep Phillips around. Over at Blog Red Machine, Steve Engbloom assesses the value of Brandon Phillips to the Cincinnati franchise.

With the trade deadline a mere two weeks away, you can bet that MLB general managers are already starting to feel the heat. Some are buyers, others are sellers, but all hope to make the decisions that could ultimately improve their respective teams. Over at ESPN, former GM Jim Bowden provides us with an evaluation of each of the 30 general managers in baseball. It should be interesting to see if they live up to their reputations as deals are completed before the deadline.

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