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In the Price family, it is traditional to celebrate a matriarch’s birthday by humiliating a baseball team on their home turf, and David did just that this week, striking out 14 Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre before reminding us all of his motives behind such actions.

Happy Birthday, Mama Price.

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Graham Goldbeck has a guest column up on Baseball Prospectus. He asks the question, “Do Pitchers Really Trade Speed for Command?” and he provides some really interesting data. Give it a look.

Chris Cwik at FanGraphs makes the case for Roy Halladay to win the NL MVP award. Blaine had a piece earlier this week on the same topic. Both Cwik and Blaine acknowledge how good Halladay has been. Kudos to Blaine for giving Joey Votto his due… FanGraphs somehow doesn’t even mention the reigning MVP.

At 39 years old, Chipper Jones is having a solid season to help the Braves. Tomahawk Take give us a look at what Chipper has done since returning from the DL.

*Shameless self-promotion. This is a piece I wrote over at Blog Red Machinetaking a look back at the best Cincinnati Reds moments since 1990, the last World Championship for the city.


Earlier this week I took a look at the NL MVP race and concluded that there are still several players in the running for the prestigious award.

Jayson Stark thinks he’s narrowed that list down, as in his latest Rumblings & Grumblings he took a look at who’s left.  Stark went through the usual names, and whittled the players down to the three names he thinks the race will come down to.

Meanwhile, as an Orioles fan, there are few things you can take enjoyment in this time of year.  The club was an American League worst 52-77 entering the weekend, and is in line to “win” the 2nd overall pick in next year’s MLB draft.

Needless to say, I have to take pleasure in the small things, and this week would classify as one of those times.  Baltimore went into Minnesota and swept the Twins in a four game set, outscoring the Twins 24-5 over the series.

What’s more, Twins fans were reminded of what could have been as J.J. Hardy, whom Minnesota dealt to the Birds for basically nothing this offseason, himself outscored his former team accounting for five runs.

Nate Gilmore over at Puckett’s Pond wondered if this was indeed the club’s worst series ever.


When Aaron Boone isn’t awkwardly seguing each and every ESPN broadcast into telling the story of that home run he hit that one time, he’s on Twitter, reminding everyone of it and once in a while falling victim to cyber-trickery.

His latest non-home run related feat involved a guy named Pete Rose, who it turns out actually isn’t Pete Rose.  The account @hit14king showed up the other day, claiming to be Pete Rose and then immediately offering any “female Reds fans” a chance to wins tickets and dinner with himself.  Aaron Boone, who in the background of his Twitter page is seen hitting that home run you probably remember, backed the guy up, and everybody was happy the hit king had finally figured out Twitter.

Except that he hadn’t and maybe Aaron Boone should stick with bringing up his one moment of fleeting greatness rather than endorsing people.

As the playoff picture becomes clearer, it’s important to remember that there are those who will be doing little more this fall than turning their TVs off in disgust.  For those people, Keith Myers at Sodo Mojo has cooked up fresh new scheme to keep things moving:  If They Were Beer, a series of posts comparing Mariners players to the rich supply of beer knowledge Keith as amassed, brought on by an acute case of insomnia.


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