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In a cartoonish clusterfuck during the Phillies-Marlins game yesterday, Joe West once again inserted himself into our lives be reversing a non-call of a non-home run by Hunter Pence because of fan interference.  With instant replay existing to determine home run validity, and no home run being called on this particular play, this was a bit questionable, as it was the opposite of what should have happened.  But the Marlins were happy, and in the end, isn’t that what we’re all rooting for anyway?

I reacted with tact, and got over the matter in a hurry.



So there are these packs of stray dogs stalking fans outside of Citi Field.

Elsewhere, the Florida Marlins won the 2010 World Series, according to a bold prediction made on 1993’s “SeaQuest.”  Only in their inaugural season, the show’s producers felt that a 17-year cushion would be enough.  James Etzbach, who happened to catch a glimpse of this early ’90s classic on NetFlix after the traditional bottle of vodka accompanying a Marlins game, was pleased to see that time and space had been shifted for once in the Marlins’ favor.

In what Mike Baumann called “Burnett’s evening of competence,” A.J. Burnett defied the odds an didn’t totally implode, going an epic 5 1/3 innings and giving up two runs.  With this flash of mediocrity under his belt, what’s to say immense success in the Yankees’ inevitable playoff berth isn’t in his immediate future?

Every start before this one.  Is the answer.


As the end of the regular season approaches, the National League Cy Young race has turned into more of a chase.  The field has been left looking up at Phillies starter Roy Halladay and his league leading 7.2 WAR.

At this point, Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw is considered by many to be the next closest contender.  But, while he agrees Kershaw certainly deserves the praise, Eric Seidman of Fan Graphs thinks that many are over looking Halladay’s rotation-mate Cliff Lee.  With Lee closing out another ridiculous month, Seidman looks at why Kershaw is the one getting more Cy love.

As the waiver deadline came and went this week, several teams padded their rosters as they turned their attention to the postseason.  While several agreements were reached, one of the first trades of the 2011 season was finally completed.

The Milwaukee Brewers sent Adrian Rosario and Danny Herrera to the New York Mets to finalize the Francisco Rodriguez trade.  Ben Berkon over at Rising Apple took a deeper look at the return New York received.

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