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We’ve all gawked at Manny Ramirez’s mugshot by now, so let’s hurry and focus on some good in the world before more Shittiness happens.  The Marvin Miller Awards are given to a player in each division for their charity work off the field, and this year, your winners are Michael Young, Paul Konerko, David Robertson, David Wright, Adam Wainwright, and Troy Tulowitzki.

Oh god–MLB went into the Mets’ dugout on Sunday and took away the first responder hats they wanted to wear during an incredibly moving on field pregame ceremony honoring victims of 9/11.  Can’t you give us just one moment of peace, Shittiness?!

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While several of their regular starters have been limited by injuries this season, the New York Mets have had to rely on guys they didn’t necessarily expect to play large roles in their rotation.  One of those players was Dillon Gee.

After a pretty impressive first half of the season, Gee has tanked a bit of late.  His inconsistencies paired with the pitchers on the Mets horizon has Matt Kaufman of Rising Apple wondering if Gee will be able to hold his spot in New York’s rotation.

Meanwhile, Mark Reynolds has certainly proven several things over his Major League career.  He’s shown that he knows how to hit the long ball as well as swing and miss a ton.  This year, if not already evident, Reynolds has cemented his position as one of the worst defenders in the league.

Between his time spent at first and third base this year, Reynolds is again putting up some of the Major’s ugliest defensive numbers.  Steve Slowinski over at FanGraphs takes a look at just how bad Reynolds has been this season.



Superstar Brad Pitt premieres his new film Moneyball  at the Toronto International Film Festival!  The handsome hotbody sat amongst some mere mortals to answer a few questions about the picture!

He even used the opportunity to express a handful of ambiguous political beliefs!

“Just because we’ve been doing something the same way for so long doesn’t mean that it’s right for today. If we were inventing the automobile now, do you think it would run on a finite resource that we have to go to war for?”

Dead handsome and well informed?  Sorry girls, he’s taken!

Brad Pitt smiled when asked if baseball executive Billy Beane’s strategy of signing undervalued talent to cheap contracts could work in Hollywood.

“Not if they hired me,” the highly paid star told reporters.

You heard him folks!  If you’re wondering where the money he is, Brad Pitt probably has it!

In other news, are the Cincinnati Reds a secret coven of Communists?   Our panel of experts says “Absolutely!”  Should they be correct, you can add “Deceiving America” the list of problems they’re having in The Queen City!  John Heitz tackles the remainder of their issues on Blog Red Machine!

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