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“As of now, no; there are no dogs allowed to play Major League Baseball.  But I’ve discussed this topic thoroughly with my advisers, and we feel that now–a year from my retirement–is the perfect time to begin the introduction of intraspecies baseball.  A lot of people ask, ‘why?’  And to them I say, ‘what?  I can’t hear you, for I am very old, and most likely, insane.”

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While Joe and Lew each took a look at the Rangers impressive run, they aren’t the only ones who think there’s something special going on in the Lone Star State.  Howard Bryant of ESPN.com examined Texas’s historic feat of claiming back-to-back American League pennants.

Last week, FanSided’s Indians team site received a bit of a makeover, transforming from Deep Left Field to Wahoo’s on First.  New Editor, Lewie Pollis, examined some trade market options for the Tribe.  Lewie told readers that while John Lackey and Carl Crawford aren’t likely to join the Indians any time soon, Joey Votto swapping Ohio clubs may not be as farfetched as you think.


Halo Hangout  recaps the Angels starting pitchers in 2011, and Kalup Alexander provides some really good mini write-ups about each of the guys. The writer also says that Ervin Santana has one of the best fastball/slider combinations in all of baseball.

If we had an article of the year voting, I would pick either part one or part two of Ryan Campbell’s spectacular articles about Brandon McCarthy. This is some of the best stuff you will ever see written out there, and his in-depth analysis supports what many of us saber guys have been saying about McCarthy and the importance of advanced statistical analysis. Even McCarthy agrees hates how the nerd stats get a bad rap.


I’ll bet you were wondering what was up with Scott Cousins.

No?  You don’t even remember who that is?  He’s from that big deal we had a while ago, when everything would be terrible forever if we didn’t change the rules of baseball.

Cousins ended Buster Posey‘s season with a collision at home plate, and because Posey is a valuable, talented, young, well-liked player, the Giants demanded the rules of baseball be changed.  They weren’t, and baseball went on being played, and there were more collisions at the plate, and nobody really cared.

Meanwhile, Cousins got to live on, and is now rehabbing his own injuries pretty close to AT&T Park in San Francisco.  He’s currently growing a beard “…as a disguise.”  Which is again, pointless, because let’s face it–people barely remember who Scott Cousins is, let alone what in the hell he looks like.

Speaking of young players that may or may not have a future in baseball, Seedlings to Stars is up to #77 of its list of the top 100 prospects in baseball.  This time, its Brian Dozier of the Twins, who apparently “isn’t spectacular, but quite functional.”

Hope springs eternal!

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