CttP Weekly Recap: 12/16/11 – 12/22/11

Check in to catch up on anything you may have missed in the week that was here at Call to the Pen.


Mickey checked in on the Carlos Beltran market, wondering how much the slugger has left in the tank.

Joe broke down the signings of a pair of free agent outfielders, Josh Willingham and Michael Cuddyer.

Justin K. provided a rationalized take on Albert Pujols’ decision to leave St. Louis.

Justin H. gave us his thoughts on the ongoing Ryan Braun, banned substances situation.

Garret Craig of Motor City Bengals made a guest appearance and told us why Ryan Braun should keep his MVP trophy.


Lew told us how Barry Bonds beat the system and why the Mat Latos acquisition was a gamble for the Reds.

Joe analyzed the Latos trade as only he could do and broke down Jimmy Rollins’ new deal with the Phillies.


Tim took us all back to 1921, when another slugger you may recognize was facing suspension.

Mickey explained why Latos doesn’t necessarily have to be a number one starter for the Reds for their deal with the Padres to pan out.

Now that steroids and other performance enhancers have been largely removed from the baseball scene, Lew told us why we are now in a boring home run era.


Joe detailed the value of the free agent contract Jason Kubel signed with the Diamondbacks.

Lew gave us a break from the heat of the Stove to detail the connection, or lack thereof, between cricket and baseball.

Mickey wondered what the most important factor is for Prince Fielder as he seeks his new contract, money, winning or comfort.


Justin H. provided readers an article written in future that details Yu Darvish’s major league career.

Lew detailed the Rangers winning of the Darvish bidding and told us why Rollins followed his heart back to Philadelphia.

Joe analyzed Mike Cameron’s minor league deal with the Nationals.

Call to the Pen’s newest writer, Doug Wachter, explained why the Latos trade was a poor fit for both teams.


Lew gives readers some ideas for their Christmas lists.

Tim took us back to the year when Jimmie Foxx and Chuck Klein made Triple Crown history.


Mickey provided his list of the top 10 transactions of the 2011-12 offseason.

Joe and Chris analyzed John Danks contract extension with the White Sox.

I posted FanSided MLB’s Christmas wishlist for all 30 teams.

Joe also broke down the pending Sean Marshall/Travis Wood trade.

Lew started his Hall of Fame series telling us why Barry Larkin is the best bet to make the hall this year.

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