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Oh my god, there’s no picture this week!

We here at Call to the Pen are a clever, insightful bunch, and we thought that we’d take this first PotP of the new year to leave you a worthless white void, just to symbolize the clean slate before you in 2012.  And its not just for us, but for everyone; our teams, fans, managers, and front office types, all plucking away through the silent madness of winter, trying to give us a reason to live again come spring.

We certainly didn’t just run out of time to put up a picture because we were hungover.  So.  Don’t think that.


LINKS.  Get some.Blaine, Senior Editor

This week the Oakland Athletics continued their offseason revamping, sending closer Andrew Bailey to the Boston Red Sox for more young talent.  Jason Leary of Swingin’ A’s breaks down the deal from Oakland’s perspective, while Joseph Lopez wonders what the future holds for another veteran Athletics player, Kurt Suzuki.

One of the less-reported events of the prior week involved a player that donned a Baltimore Orioles jersey for a decade.  As an O’s fan, I have many fond memories of Mel-Mo and everything he brought to Charm City.  Beyond his talents on the field, Melvin Mora became a fan favorite and a staple of the community.  SB Nation’s Rob Neyer offered a nice take on Mora’s memorably unique career.

Justin K., Staff Writer

Hey, here’s a fun thing–some journalists still think the internet isn’t very cool.

Matt Smith of the Delaware County Times saw a chance to hurl insults at blogging in general, and boy did he capitalize on it.  His anger spawned from a blogger passing on a rumor about David Wright being traded to Philly that turned out to not be true.  Naturally, Smith saw this as a chance to decry blogging, and tell the internet to “shut up.”  Which anyone can tell you is an incredibly effective tactic.

Smith is a fairly normal guy.  He’s got a backwards hat on in his Twitter profile picture, so you know he’s cool.  But he apparently chose to skip over all the parts of the blog entry that included phrases like “I won’t believe it until it is official” and “Not saying that the Wright story is fact.”

I understand, though.  Why bother to know about something when you can insult it!  Fortunately, Geoff Detweiler at SB Philly took point on picking apart Smith’s feeble attempt at defeating the internet.

Why, without the internet, we wouldn’t know about important stories like who A-Rod is currently dating.  Derek Stykalo explains the situation on BoSox Injection.  Don’t worry, there’s a WWE element in the story!

 Joe, Staff Writer

Dave Cameron has an excellent piece about Edgar Martinez on FanGraphs, and he shows us just how great Edgar Martinez was at the plate. Who better than a Mariners fan to unveil the greatness of Martinez?

New Seedlings to Stars‘ writer Bill King has a deep and very well-written article about Simon Castro. He doesn’t understand the gamble that GM Kenny Williams made, and he argues that Castro will struggle with only one truly good pitch. This piece is well worth your time, especially if you’re a White Sox fan.

Justin H., Staff Writer

The Common Man makes another compelling argument about the inconsistent criteria Hall of Fame voters apply to candidates.

Chris Kelly, the newest Chicken Friars writer, takes an analytical approach to evaluating Yonder Alonso and Anthony Rizzo. With all the passion from fans surrounding Rizzo, it’s refreshing to see some statistical analysis behind an opinion.

Chris, Staff Writer

I thoroughly enjoyed Justin Hunter’s piece about Jeff Bagwell. I agree with his assertion that his numbers are certainly worthy. I don’t think that players who were not caught taking PEDs should be lumped in with those who did. I also would vote for Bagwell (and did so in the FanSided voting process).

Outside of Call to the Pen, Jim Caple, of ESPN.om, wrote a very good article about the final day of the regular season being MLB’s best moment from 2011. He focuses mostly on the Tampa Bay Rays comeback. I agree that as a whole this was the best day of baseball all season, until Game 6 of the World Series of course.’

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