CttP Weekly Recap: 12/30/11 – 1/5/12

Check in to catch up on anything you may have missed in the week that was here at Call to the Pen.


Lew continued his profiles of the prospective Hall of Fame class of 2012, telling readers why Jack Morris has a fighting chance.  However, Lew doesn’t believe the same can be said for Rafael Palmeiro and Mark McGwire.


Tim took us back in time and dusted off New Year’s Baby Hank Greenberg and his tie to Rosh Hashanah.

After laying out his top ten Hall of Fame hopefuls, Lew took a look at the rest of those on this year’s ballot.


Joe broke down the Padres acquisition of Carlos Quentin as well as the signings of George Sherrill and Darren Oliver .  Joe also took a look back at the recently retired Melvin Mora’s career and remembered the late and great Don Mueller.

Having reviewed all of his options, Lew told readers why he believes Barry Larkin will be the one player elected into the Hall of Fame this winter.


Doug took a deeper look at Cuban phenom Yoenis Cespedes, wondering if teams should truly believe the hype.

Joe analyzed the trade that sent Jason Frasor back to the Blue Jays.

Lew made a case for why the Oakland Athletics have gone too far this offseason.


Justin H. wrote a piece on the connection between steroids and the Hall of Fame.

Justin K. gave readers a how-to guide for starting your own baseball rumor.

Lew took a look at how the 2012 baseball season will be different from the year that just passed, including his division winners and World Series pick.


Tim traveled back in time to examine the Hot Stove of 100 years ago.

Lew explained why it’s shaping up to be a long summer in Chicago and revealed FanSided MLB’s Hall of Fame voting results.


Joe and Lew each took a look at the trade that sent Carlos Zambrano to the Marlins.

Joe also broke down the A’s signing of Coco Crisp, the Marlins addition of Greg Dobbs and the Rays agreement with Fernando Rodney.

Chris broke down the Crisp signing as well, wondering if A’s general manager Billy Beane’s gone loco for Coco.

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