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The Hall of Fame tallies came in, and now all we have to look forward to is 2013, when Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will be on the ballot.  Very soon, we’ll be privy to all the internet talk in the world about whether or not they should be allowed in and where the asterisks should go and steroids and drug use and rules and laws and perjury and the good old days and yaaaaaaaay!

Quick, check these links before it’s too late.

Justin K., Staff Writer


Sorry.  It’s just… I’ll be you haven’t even heard about the movie being made about this website.  It’s called Call to the Pen, and it’s about Blaine Blontz’s quest to unite a fellowship of bloggers that can summon so much baseball analysis that it will kill the internet.

Actually, we’re not affiliated with that short film at all.  I stumbled upon it while looking for more clips from The Dark Knight Rises.  Do you guys think Batman is going to die?

You know whose not dead?  Nick Markakis.  Nothing could kill that guy, not even pelvic surgery, which he just had.  Domenic Vadala tells us on Birds Watcher that the Orioles outfielder is recovering from the bruised pelvis repair he suffered late in the season, and may miss the beginning of Spring Training.

OMFG we are already talking about Spring Training.

Blaine, Senior Editor

The Boston Red Sox are set to enter the 2012 season with a very different bullpen than the one they ended with last year.  In case you missed any of the many moves the Sox made this offseason, Myron Logan of The Hardball Times breaks them all down for you and explains the impact the additions and subtractions will have on Boston’s 2012 ‘pen.

One of the more interesting transactions of the offseason took place this week. The Orioles traded cash and..

OK, but really, the move I’m thinking of is the Carlos Zambrano trade. The Cubs ate enough salary to convince the Marlins that taking on Big Z and his big temper would be a good idea. Ehsan Kassim of Marlin Maniac and Jordan Campbell of Cubbies Crib broke down the deal and examined how they believe the trade will impact their clubs.

While Miami doesn’t have much money on the line, it’s almost mind-blowing to think that Ozzie Guillen and Carlos Zambrano will be sharing a dugout in 2012. In the words of one well-known sage, better get your popcorn ready.

Doug, Staff Writer

This offseason offers tougher decisions for some teams than others. Paul Swydan of FanGraphs examined how the White Sox are toeing the line between rebuilding and trying to contend in 2012, while Rox Pile‘s Michelle Hoag looked at some symptoms and diagnoses for Dan O’Dowd’s frantic offseason.

Chris, Staff Writer

On the web, Jonah Keri of Grantland, writes about the myth of the small market MLB team using the Oakland A’s as an example. I couldn’t agree more with his assessment that some of the small market excuses are BS. While it is difficult for teams with a small revenue structure, there are ways to be competitive. The Oakland A’s have made some poor personnel decisions in recent years which have hampered their ability to win, not their low payroll.

Tim Holland’s piece on Call to the Pen, “In the 70’s the Oakland A’s, Cincinnati Reds and New York Yankees pass the torch,” is a great retrospective of the powerhouse teams of the 1970’s. These teams each won back to back titles in succession. As usual, Tim provides a very good representation of the era.

Joe, Staff Writer

Larry Granillo has a Descriptive HOF Ballot out on Baseball Prospectus, and it is a great, and somewhat humorous way, to group the various players on the Hall of Fame ballot. By the way, how did Terry Mullholland get on the ballot?

Bryan Rosa of Around the Foghorn has written up a few projections for San Francisco Giants players for the 2012 MLB season. Rosa wrote up projections for Madison Bumgarner here and Matt Cain here, and Jeremy Affeldt here.

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