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Look at how seriously Rangers’ starting pitcher Derek Holland takes the offseason.  He’s so serious that he’s got two god damn mustaches.  We can all learn a lesson from Mr. Holland.  No wonder they made that movie about that brilliant piece of music he wrote.

For other just as serious seriousness, continue below for links.

Justin H., Staff Writer

Matt Klaasen of Fangraphs brought us a surprising analysis and suggestion regarding Buddy Bell. Is it possible that Bell was an all-time great player? According g to Klaasen, Buddy Bell was a great player who was simply overshadowed by better players.

Earl Nash of BoSox Injection take a panicked fan approach to analyzing the Red Sox chance to win a World Series in the next decade. He analyzes how the Prince Fielder‘s possible signing with the Rangers (which is hardly even rumor) will affect the Red Sox chances of competing for a title in the neat future.

Blaine, Senior Editor

All throughout the offseason we’ve heard that the New York Yankees wanted to add starting pitching, but that they weren’t willing to surrender significant money or prospects in order to acquire arms of value.

Then, in one evening, heck within a matter of minutes, the Yankees showed that they are still the team from New York everyone rightfully hates.

Paul Swydan of FanGraphs.com wrote an article explaining that, by acquiring Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda, the Yankees remade their rotation in one night.  Dave Cameron also chimed in with his thoughts of the Pineda-Jesus Montero swap.

Also giving their take on the trade were Yanks Go Yard staff writer Joe F. and SoDo Mojo’s editor Harrison Crow.

Chris, Staff Writer

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian writes about the 2013 Hall of Fame vote and the unavoidable link to performance enhancing drugs. Kurkjian feels the voters really have their work cut out for them since names like Bonds, Clemens and Sosa among others will hit the ballot. For now, players suspected and confirmed as users of PEDs have had a rough go, so don’t expect it to get easier with even bigger names on the ballot.

From Call to the Pen, Tim Holland tells us how newly elected Hall of Famer Barry Larkin, learned his ways from Dave Concepcion, the excellent shortstop from the Cincinnati Reds “Big Red Machine” days. He likens Larkin’s demeanor of going about his business much like Concepcion did while gobbling everything up that came his way at short.

Doug, Staff Writer

Dave Cameron on the Pineda deal.

Wahoo’s on First’s Kenny Lofton HOF post. I might not agree, but it’s stated so eloquently that’s it’s tough to argue.

Justin K., Staff Writer

If there was going to be one guy to kick your door down and explain to you why baseball is great, who would be better than Ken Griffey, Jr.?  The Capital City Goofball?  Yes.  That would  be better.

But he doesn’t exist, and you don’t need anyone to tell you why baseball is easy to love.  That’s why the Mariners have sent baseball’s greatest smile to Japan to lay the groundwork for their inaugural 2012 series against the A’s in late March.   I can’t think of a better way to start the party this year than watching children flock to a legend and yell.

Speaking of the A’s, they just got a little bigger!  They also just a got a little more susceptible to fat jokes.  They signed Bartolo Colon, is what I’m getting at.  With the Japanese mistake him for a radiation-soaked monster from the sea on Opening Day?  Yes, because he is fat.  Joseph Lopez had some far more constructive comments to make about the deal that brought Colon to Oakland on Swingin’ A’s, so I’d check out his post if you wanted to, you know.  Learn something about it.

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