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Grim days for the Brewers.  Sure, Ryan Braun may be accepting his MVP award up there, but he’s doing so under the shadow of a drug investigation.  Meanwhile, the “2” in Milwaukee’s “1-2 Punch” may be headed out of town.  So you gotta be taking the bad with the good these days in the Middle North, or whatever they call the part of the country that Milwaukee is in.

I guess “Wisconsin.”

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Chris, Staff Writer

Scott Barber from Jays Journal discusses how the Blue Jays have invested money differently since the arrival of GM Alex Anthopoulos. The new CBA is going to make it more difficult for all involved but, Anthopoulos seems ready for the changes.

Bill James wrote an article on Grantland listing the top 100 pitcher’s duels of 2011. That’s right “top 100″ in the last season alone…James provides plenty of details on some of the more impressive games.

Justin H., Staff Writer

Brandon Warne of Fangraphs examines the rubble that is the Minnesota Twins. They’ve made some moves, but are those move better on paper than in practice?

Nathaniel Stoltz of Seedlings to Stars has a fantastic article about Jared Mitchell. While many in the White Sox organization still have high hopes for Mitchell, Stoltz takes a pin a bursts everyone’s bubble – with cold hard analysis.

Joe, Staff Writer

Dave Cameron is a personal favorite, and his piece on Fausto Carmona is nothing short of excellent. In the second half of the post, he suggests Carmona’s replacement; his plan to acquire this pitcher is innovative and one well worth reading.

Yanks Go Yard editor Robbie Clark offers a well-written piece about the huge problem regarding potential international draft players in Puerto Rico. Clark’s editorial is provocative and talks a little bit about the baseball market in the Dominican.

Justin K., Staff Writer

We’re all dealing with a lack of baseball right now.  It’s not easy.  What do we have to distract ourselves with?  Winter?  Friends and family?  Thrilling playoff football?  Lame.  All of those things are lame.  I guess winter has its moments.

But some people are dealing with more than a baseball-shaped void.  Cincinnati.com recently ran a story on the life of Ex-Mrs. Pete Rose, Karolyn Rose, who hasn’t made a public appearance in decades.  At 70 years, they got her to reflect on the aftermath of her divorce in 1980, and to give boisterous, colorful indication of the kind of woman Pete Rose would marry.


That is how loud and uninvited that thought enters my head on a daily basis.  As an NL East fan, I can only hope Prince Fielder doesn’t enter this division in ANY form, but the Nats seem pretty set on improving themselves.  I guess that’s why they re-signed Michael Morse, as Andrew Flax explains on District on Deck.  And now… we pray doing so hurt their Fielder chances as hard as he says.

Blaine, Senior Editor

The San Diego Padres have had an interesting offseason, watching top youngsters Anthony Rizzo and Mat Latos as well as fan favorite Heath Bell leave while bringing Carlos Quentin, Huston Street and Yonder Alonso into the fold.

Throughout the offseason’s turnover, several young players have impacted the way San Diego has operated. Kyle Blanks has apparently not been one of those players.  In his most recent article, Paul Swydan of Fan Graphs did his best to get the “free Kyle Blanks” movement started.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, the Boston Red Sox had an active weekend. Marco Scutaro is in Colorado. Daniel Bard is signed. Roy Oswalt or another veteran starter may be signed by the time this is read.  Boston has been tied to starting pitchers for most of the offseason, as most agreed the rotation was the club’s largest question mark.

While this may have been the case, Ryan Hannable of BoSox Injection pleaded his case for the Red Sox acquiring an additional outfielder.

Doug, Staff Writer

Dave Cameron’s Darvish post and Bill King at Seedlings to Stars’ article on the Montero trade and Trader Jack’s timing.

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