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Who wants to own the Dodgers?  Is it Magic Johnson?  Donald Trump’s son-in-law?  Several other lower profile prospects?  Whoever it is, they will be one of seven possible suitors left standing after a recent wave of cuts made by the Controller of the World or however these things are decided.

Join Magic Johnson, won’t you, in grimacing toward the future while standing next to a military officer whose saying something you don’t care about.

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Blaine Blontz

No matter what you think of the moves themselves, you can’t deny that the Washington Nationals have had an active offseason.  While signings, trades and extensions have taken most of the spotlight, there will be another large story hitting center stage this spring.  What will the Nationals do with über prospect Bryce Harper?

Everyone has their own opinion on how Washington should handle Harper.  In case you haven’t had enough, here’s another.  Bill King of Seedlings to Stars gives his take on why the Nationals should wait with Harper.

There are plenty of reasons to watch Major League Baseball in 2012; Yu Darvish, Yoenis Cespedes, the Miami Marlins, etc., etc., etc.  While all of these and more will give us plenty of reasons to tune in this summer, Bill over at The Platoon Advantage gave us one more.

Most baseball diehards realize are aware that Jamie Moyer, who turned 49 years old this offseason, is giving it another go in 2012.  Moyer signed a minor league deal with the Colorado Rockies and will attempt to crack their Opening Day roster this spring.  If he’s able to beat the odds and pitch in the major leagues next season, Moyer will have an opportunity to set all kinds of records.  Bill takes us through these records, all of them related to how darn old Moyer is.

Justin Klugh

I certainly hope you haven’t forgotten about the horrible Red Sox scandal that ended the team’s playoff hopes in 2011; the one where they all drank beer in the dugout and hurled empty cans at animals from a petting zoo that they had stolen the night before, probably while drunk.  And while the media loves to blow up each morsel of information that comes along, we can be pretty sure that there was some poorly timed boozing in Boston.  In response to the notion, new manager Bobby Valentine has announced a beer ban, though the effectiveness of such a ruling could be questionable.

Let’s ask Terry Francona, the manager under whom all this happened.

I think it’s a PR move.  I think if a guy wants a beer, he can probably get one.”

Oh-ho-ho!  Looks like we got a good old fashioned media-fight!  What say you, current Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine?

“Remember, you’re getting paid over there [at ESPN] for saying stuff.  You’re getting paid over here for doing stuff.”

And the gloves are off!  Quickly now, if you don’t start caring about this, it could disappear from the news cycle entirely.

Speaking of disappearing from the news cycle, Manny Ramirez won’t.  So he’s in Oakland now, doing whatever, leaving the rest of us to wonder why he didn’t want to be with us.  Lewie Pollis jumped on Wahoo’s on First to discuss why Manny didn’t return home to Cleveland this winter.  Besides the obvious reason of it being winter in Cleveland.

Kyle Davis

Steve Engbloom of Blog Red Machine examines the Ryan Braun ruling from the perspective of the division rival Cincinnati Reds. He also takes a measured and level-headed look at what the ruling means for MLB as a whole, now and going forward.

Unleashing the Zim Bear and DJ Kitty into the world within the same relative time frame means the Tampa Bay Rays are currently winning the MLB Promotion Game. Dayn Perry of NotGraphs gives us all the lowdown on DJ Kitty and his pantslesssness.

Matt Musico

For me, the article I found most interesting was the one I found that was explaining why Ryan Braun decided to fight the process of his test sample instead of the actual test results.

As I read through all of the stories posted on Call to the Pen this week, Chris’ piece on the Yankees shrewdly making deals this offseason to build their veteran presence and improve their leadership caught my eye.

Justin Hunter

Jason Roberts has a fantastic statistics definitions-driven piece that argues the type of “error” the arbitrator potentionally made is better for baseball than the alternative.  It’s a Type-I error verse a Type-II error argument.

There are very few sites that go as detailed into prospect analysis as Seedlings to Stars.  Perhaps I’m biased as a Padres fan, but Nathaniel Stoltz and the guys at S2S did a great job with their positional rankings of the Padres system.

Joe Soriano

Andrew Martin of MLB Dirt has an interview with Trevor May, the next big thing in Philly. The last question is interesting, and it describes what Mays would be doing in UW right now.

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