Picks of the Pen: Finally, an Assured Yankees Victory

Another year, another dominating Yankees performance.

ESPN recently polled viewers to find out the best season from any single Major League player, ever, and included Yankees legends like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey Jr., and Willie Mays.  In fact, every player chosen to participate was a Yankee.  Makes it pretty obvious why they won all those World Series!  Every player ever has played for the Yankees because they are the only team.

And now, with somewhat less bitterness, here come your links.

Chris Carelli

Jerry Cransick writes about Yoenis Cespedes and his finally arriving at Oakland A’s camp on Sunday. When asked who his idol was he said Manny Ramirez. Definitely a good hitter to try and emulate, but is he the role model type? The article also touches on the tough job ahead for manager Bob Melvin to get at-bats for all the outfielders (15) the A’s have in camp. Expect Cespedes and Coco Crisp to get their cuts as they are the two highest paid players on the team.

Justin Hunter wrote a fantastic piece about 1991 #1 pick Brien Taylor. Taylor was the sure thing who was going to be a front of the rotation starter for the Yankees. But things didn’t work out. A once promising high school player who threw in the upper nineties 90’s take it to the next level. I remember when they signed him, the praise that was heaped on him. Within a few years he was all but forgotten.

Justin Hunter

I’m going Cameron Maybin heavy in my picks this week. Anyone who knows me knows how huge a Padres fan I am. The Cameron Maybin extension was by far the most important move the team made this offseason/spring.

MLB Trade Rumors has a great analysis of the extension. They point out that the Padres did not save any money on Maybin’s arbitration years, but potentially saved a lot in his free agency years.

Then, we also have analysis from our own Joe Soriano. Joe, always great at diving head first into his analysis, broke down the extension and explained its importance to the small-market Padres.

Blaine Blontz

This time of year major trades and free agent signings make way for long-term extensions. Several high-profile players have inked multi-year deals over the last few weeks, and Andrew McCutchen has been the latest youngster to do so. The Pittsburgh Pirates extended their All-Star center fielder yesterday, and Dave Cameron of Fan Graphs provided his breakdown of the deal.

Much has been made of MLB’s now-official playoff expansion. Eric Reining of Nolan Writin’ gave his take on the new postseason format and how it will impact the Rangers.

Justin Klugh

The NFL is stealing all the controversy at the moment, making it hard for us baseball fans to find a news story to latch onto with our suckers and drain of it’s relevance.  What?  ‘The preseason is well underway?’  Well, if you’re like me, then you know that the game just isn’t the same unless people are screaming at each other.

Which they were, when Canada’s London Frontier League unveiled the re-branding of the London (Canada) Rippers, which features a cartoonish Jack the Ripper in the logo.  There’s been some backlash–some from city council, some from Rush Limbaugh–but now that the indignation has died down, the Rippers’ front office is confident that they can maintain their new identity and continue murdering prostitutes.  I mean, playing baseball in Canada.

Speaking of controversy, how about video games!  They’re pretty neat, right?  So comforting in the warm glow of the television; so non-judgmental about that television being in the basement of the abandoned house you’re squatting in.  And this time of year, when the latest addition of MLB: The Show is coming out, video games seem even better, as they are the fantasy world where the imposible happens.

Like for instance, Bryan Rosa recently simulated the 2012 season and discovered the Giants beat the A’s in the World Series.

Matt Musico

I really enjoyed an article on baseballanalytics.org that talked about what Barry Zito was doing in the off season to get the zip back in his fastball and why he needs to figure it out quickly.

On CttP this week, with wind of the playoff expansion actually happening this year, I thought that Doug’s article on the winners and losers was a great read

Kyle Davis

It’s Seattle Mariners Tuesday! At least for me, I guess. Joel Condreay of Sodo Mojo examines the Mariner’s options at center field what with glove wizard Franklin Gutierrez hurt and sidelined yet again. Joel assumes the worst in every situation regarding the Seattle baseball team. Joel is a smart young man.

In keeping with our theme (so dumb), famous baseball interview giver guy and FanGraphs contributor David Laurila talks to Mariners Scouting Director Tom McNamara about the last three Seattle drafts. It’s neat.

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