Picks of the Pen: All Wright Now

Why, it’s David Wright of those New York Mets!  Not long ago, he was just another frayed end to the franchise, but now, after showcasing the offense he’s been known for throughout his career, it seems as through all that break dancing in the on deck circle has paid off.

Here’s to you, Mr. Wright!  Here’s to the last few days you can give Mets fans hope in 2012!

Onward to the links!

Matt Musico

I really enjoyed Kyle’s player projection on Ichiro. Since he’s a Mariners fan, it was great to get his perspective on things, especially since I just drafted him last night for my Fantasy Baseball team.

The news of Chipper Jones planning to retire after 2012 caught my eye because he’s an iconic player from my childhood who will be hanging them up. However, he needs to get through this year before he starts thinking about retirement.

Justin Klugh

So they hit the switch for the Marlins’ home run sculpture and boy, was it… alarming.  James Etzbach of Marlin Maniac took the proper approach in addressing the abomination currently residing in the Marlins’ outfield.

But quickly, let us distract ourselves from that… that thing… with imagery that has a beautifully morose poetry to it.  Somebody snuck into the Astrodome, and I don’t mean in 1985.  I mean recently, years after the place has been used by anyone other than squirrels or old garbage.  It’s the fulfillment of a weird fantasy to see the place where much occurred, now abandoned and clogged with ghosts.  Someday, perhaps a wily young photographer will hop a fence into your team’s long-forgotten home, and reveal it’s tattered present amongst shadows of the past.

Or, what’ll probably happen is the landmark will be steamrolled and replaced by strip malls in which monitored breeding family units will feast on multi purpose meat.

Justin Hunter

As usual, my fan allegiance leads me to my first pick. Mike Newman of Fangraphs wrote a piece about the Padres’ Anthony Bass. Basically he calls him the type of “soft tosser” major league scouts are often looking for. It’s a compliment, I swear.

I thought I’d give my American League friends some love with my next pick. MJ Loyd of Halo Hangout discussed just how bad Vernon Wells is. He discovered what we already knew; Wells is pretty darn bad. Like 494th “best” player bad.

Blaine Blontz

Jon Heyman is pretty good at what he’s paid to do: break news. However, Jon gets a little carried away some times when he’s asked to write something on paper that offers his take on a situation. He’s become famous in baseball circles for his ridiculous ties to Johnny Damon and other Scott Boras clients.

Heyman’s most recent attempt at opinion writing involved Seattle Mariners superstar Ichiro Suzuki. Heyman’s article basically ripped Ichiro for all kinds of reasons. As unfortunate as that piece was, it did serve a purpose. It led The Common Man over at The Platoon Advantage to explain to everyone exactly how wrong Heyman was (again).

With all the injuries taking place this spring, it’s good to remember that there are people out there who are healthy. Kendrys Morales now qualifies after his ridiculously long and winding road to recovery. Now that he’s back for the Angels, many wonder just what the slugger will offer this season. Tyler Brett of Halo Hangout offers readers Morales’ projected 2012 stat line.

Kyle Davis

Hayden Kane of Rox Pile gives the latest update on Ageless Baseball Pitcher and American Hero Jamie Moyer. It turns out the 49-year-old can still get hitters out. He was born in 1962. Seriously.

Have you ever seen the game of baseball played on donkeys? Dayn Perry of NotGraphs shall watch them play baseball on donkeys.

Chris Carelli

Justin Hunter asks the question of how certain recent injuries to some important players will affect their teams this season. He rightly asserts that teams can’t sit back and assume they can overcome the injuries, but the players have to come together as a unit to work past the loss of the player.

MLB.com reporter Anthony Castrovince writes that the St. Louis Cardinals will not only miss Chris Carpenter‘s abilities on the field, but will miss his presence among the group should he be out more than a couple of months of the season. The team must now pick up the slack much like Carpenter has done over the last few seasons.


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