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With the MLB having just shut up shop for another season, things are pretty quiet at the moment, but the betting action is just beginning to swing into gear again. The world of sports betting never really stops, because the pre-season outright bets begin going in at bookmakers virtually the minute the old season has ended, although putting money on any team so many months before the games begin is pretty risky overall. At this pre-season stage, there are a number of teams amongst the favorites for glory, including the Dodgers, the Red Sox and the Tigers, but which one looks the strongest?

This is a really hard question to answer, as all of these sides have significant strengths. The Dodgers have spent big money on assembling a star-studded squad of players, which can be seen in their status as 9/1 favorites for the World Series. The Red Sox are defending champs, and will not want to give up their crown (assuming FSG don’t get distracted by Liverpool). They still have most of the pitching talent that formed the basis for that success, but they are rivaled in that area by the Detroit Tigers – who came agonizingly close last season – and will be eager to go one better. It is really hard to call the winner right now, so if you wait a little longer and play baseball games at a good online casino, you might be making the smartest bet of all.

Games like baseball slot ‘Hot Shot’ at are always a smart pick, thanks to the chance of a jackpot ($2000 in this case) and the promise of winning some level of payout. Your chances of the latter are so good because these games almost always have both a wild and a scatter reel icon, multiple pay lines and free spins, all of which make a win more likely. They also guarantee a great experience for fans, with Hot Shot containing five reels full of MLB imagery, and sound effects of cheering fans and bats hitting baseballs at key moments in your play. The combination of these things is why sports fans are hitting online or mobile casino pages in droves to play them.

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