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MLB Ticket Prices on Secondary Market Vary Through League's Most Filled Stadiums

Attendance is down across Major League Baseball this season. It’s a problem that’s manifested over the last several years, and has been noticeable again this season. Half way through the season and attendance is already down close to half a million people. But there are still some clubs that are having no attendance issues. The San Francisco Giants almost completely fill their entire stadium, and several more teams fill at least 80 percent of their ballpark on average. However even as these teams are able to fill a majority of their stadiums, taking away many tickets on the primary market, prices on the secondary market are not always driven up.

Below are the top five terms by percentage of their stadium filled along with their secondary market average price for home games, according to TiqIQ.

San Francisco Giants | Attendance: 99.2% | Avg. Price: $92.15

The Giants have won two World Series since 2010, and are in the thick of the NL West race at the moment. Perhaps more impressive is home games on the San Francisco Giants schedule have a 99.2 percent attendance rate. Only three teams have an attendance rate over 90 percent, so to be less than a percent from selling out each game is astounding. AT&T Park is one of the smaller stadiums in the league, with a capacity of 41,500 but is also widely regarded as one of the best stadiums in baseball. It’s not exactly cheap for fans to attend games either with the average price for Giants tickets at $92.15.

St. Louis Cardinals | Attendance: 98.5% | Avg. Price: $55.45

In contrast, home games on the St. Louis Cardinals schedule are amongst the cheapest in the league with an average of $55.45. The team has had an even longer run of success than the Giants, and made another World Series appearance just last year. The longstanding success of the franchise, affordable tickets, and diehard fan base has the Cardinals attendance rate at an impressive 98.5 percent in a stadium with a capacity of 46,861.

Boston Red Sox | Attendance: 97.9% | Avg. Price: $136.02

Fenway Park is filled with a pretty faithful contingent. Despite having one of the worst records in baseball, home games on the Boston Red Sox schedule have one of the best attendance rates. They are the last team in the league with an attendance rate over 90 percent, and they top out at an impressive 97.9 percent, however they do have the smallest stadium in baseball as Fenway Park holds just 37,400. Boston is one place where a limited quantity of available tickets does drive up secondary market prices as they have the highest average ticket price in the league at $136.02.

New York Yankees | Attendance: 85.8% | Avg. Price: $130.94

The New York Yankees are another team with impressive attendance rates despite on-field performance and average ticket price. But the Yankees are actually in the playoff race, and have Derek Jeter’s farewell tour to boost numbers. Even with those bonuses home games on the Yankee schedule have an attendance rate well below the Red Sox at $85.8 percent, though Yankee Stadium can hold over 10,000 more fans with a capacity of 50,291. However the average price of their remaining games is cheaper than Boston with NY Yankees tickets averaging $130.94 for the remainder of the season.

Los Angeles Angels | Attendance: 83.7% | Avg. Price: $56.92

The best team on this list might be the Los Angeles Angels. While the team is second in their division, that has more to do with being in a division with the Oakland Athletics than anything else. The Angels have the league’s second best record at 57-37, and the second best run differential at +89. But even with that success the ticket average is just a bit higher than the Cardinals at $56.92. That certainly helps explain how the Angels made the top five in terms of attendance with an 83.7 percent attendance rate. Angel Stadium has a capacity of 45,050, slightly more than AT&T Park, but games on the Angels schedule are almost half the price of the Giants.

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