3 landing spots for former Houston Astros GM James Click

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It has been a very odd week for former Houston Astros general manager James Click.

Back on November 5, he was on top of the baseball universe, the general manager of a World Series winning team. Then, just a few days later, Click was let go by the Astros after he and ownership could not agree on a new contract. He, understandably, was not interested in a one year deal while the Astros did not want to make a long term commitment.

Where will former Houston Astros GM James Click end up?

Chances are, Click will not be out of a job long. Teams are going to line up to bring him in to overhaul their front office and hopefully get them back to the World Series. If he wants to return to the game, he is going to have his pick of opportunities.

Most major league teams could use James Click in their front office. Let’s look at three teams that should be calling the former Houston Astros general manager.

Colorado Rockies

If ever there was a team in desperate need of a complete overhaul in the front office, it would be the Colorado Rockies.

They continue to believe that, if the ball had bounced differently, they would be right there, contending for a spot in the playoffs. This is the team that, despite being all but mathematically eliminated from the postseason for the past two years, refused to trade anyone at the deadline. And this is a team that refuses to look outside the organization for leadership roles, that constant delusion continuing since no one is there to question it.

The Rockies do have talent. Kris Bryant is a nice start for any team. Eziquel Tovar, Zac Veen, and Michael Toglia could be future centerpieces. Brendan Rodgers and Ryan McMahon are excellent defensively. And the pitching staff is not entirely devoid of major league capable arms.

This is also a team that needs someone to inject reality into the front office. It is a team that needs an actual plan that does not involve keeping everyone on their roster and pretending that one major move is enough. It is a team that really needs former Houston Astros GM James Cick.

The Colorado Rockies need a new voice and direction. James Click should be the free agent at the top of their shopping list.

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