Rangers claim Ryan Garko off waivers

Let’s rewind to Tuesday.  That was the day the Seattle Mariners placed 29-year old 1B-Ryan Garko on waivers, opting to go with veteran DH-Mike Sweeney.  This move prompted Sodo Mojo lead writer, Griffin Cooper, to write this reaction.

No, it’s not a team-killer, and no, it’s not real surprising after what we’ve all been hearing over the last two weeks (although I certainly did not expect them to just let him go) – but it just comes off as kind of, well, dumb. Ryan Garko is a more valuable player than Mike Sweeney – he’s younger, he’s got significantly more upside at this point, and he can actually play first base.

Texas seemed to be a likely destination for Garko despite reports that the Rangers interest “wasn’t high.”  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that today Ryan Garko was claimed by, you guessed it, Texas.  Aaron Gleeman points out that the claim of Garko effectively cuts off the Rangers pursuit of Red Sox corner infielder Mike Lowell.

Garko, a 3rd round pick of the Indians in the 2003 draft, has hit 0.279/.351/.441 with 55 HR in 448 major league games.  He’s never been real strong on the defensive side of things (-4.6 UZR/150 at 1B), but he has crushed left-handed pitching over the course of his career with a line of 0.313/.392/.495.

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