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Welcome to Call to the Pen, the MLB news and opinions site brought to you by the FanSided Network. Call to the Pen is dedicated to providing top-notch MLB news, views, and original content. This site also serves as a community for like-minded fans to come together to catch up on the latest news and to discuss their passion.

Meet the Team

Kevin Henry,Site Expert

A member of the BBWAA, Kevin Henry is a co-expert for Call to the Pen and national contributor to FanSided's MLB site. Living north of Denver, Kevin has covered MLB for 10 seasons for various media outlets as well as covering MLB's postseason and All-Star Game.

Bill Felber,Contributor

Bill Felber is a retired newspaper editor and author of seven books including The Book On The Book, A Game of Brawl, and Under Pallor, Under Shadow. His latest book, The Hole Truth, is a cross-era and cross-gender examination of the best players in professional golf history from Old Tom Morris to the present. With respect to both baseball and golf, his area of expertise is in cross-era performance comparisons.

Michael Cahill,Contributor

Mike Cahill is an aspiring sports photographer and journalist who graduated from Marist College in 2020 with a degree in sports communication. He is a lifelong Mets fan, an all around baseball nerd, and he cares about fantasy baseball *way* too much. Firm believer that David Wright should've won the NL MVP in 2007.

Seth Carlson,Contributor

Seth has been with FanSided since April 2020, most notably as Site Expert at Nolan Writin' (Texas Rangers) for over two years. He is a graduate of Temple University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in History and Spanish. When he's not busy writing about baseball, find him talking about it, watching it and going to games when he can.

Nick Butler,Contributor

5-5 philly fan(yes soccer counts), podcast host, cali born, philly raised. I am currently at Rowan University going for my RTF bachelors degree with a double minor in journalism and marketing.

West Jones,Contributor

A lifelong baseball fan, and die-hard Texas Rangers fan, I love all things baseball. In fact, my wife and I met at the ballpark when I was coaching her two younger brothers back in the day!

John Grimaldi,Contributor

John is an avid New York sports fan. Supporting the Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Rangers. In addition to writing for Call to the Pen, John also writes for AnimalHouseUSA.com

Sean Millerick,Contributor

Born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, Sean has been an avid fan of all things South Florida sports as long as he can remember, and a true diehard as long as he has known how to write in the third person. His first live sporting event was a Monday Night Football game against the New York Jets in 1992, and favorite sports memories include attending Game 7 of 1997 World Series, as well as Anibal Sanchez's no-hitter in 2006. Hamstrung by a total lack of athletic ability, Sean has given up on his dream of giving the Dolphins some stability at quarterback, and has landed comfortably on history professor.

Jack McKenney,Contributor

Jack McKenney is a current Junior at Wake Forest University, where he pitches on the Club Baseball team and is a massive Demon Deacon Sports fan. Before coming to Fansided as an MLB and NBA contributor, McKenney wrote for the Sports Illustrated site "Deacons Daily" covering all the big news in Wake Forest Athletics. In 2020, McKenney created "The World of Sports Podcast with Jack McKenney", which covers all things MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL on Youtube. McKenney is an avid Wizards, Hurricanes, and Patriots fan, and is always willing to talk sports. He hails from just outside Washington DC and hopes to be involved in Sportswriting after graduation.

Rick Soisson,Contributor

Rick is a writer who lives in Philadelphia, PA. He has published essays and short stories on a number of electronic platforms, including Broad Street Review, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Sports, as well as in print publications, including Studies in Contemporary Satire, The Other Side, and The Elixir.

Alvin Garcia,Contributor

Alvin Garcia is an independent baseball writer born and raised in Puerto Rico. He is a member of the IBWAA (Internet Baseball Writers Association of America) and SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) and has contributed to many respected publications in the industry, including FanSided's Call to the Pen and Venom Strikes. His writing has been praised for its depth, analysis, and fresh perspectives on the game. Despite facing challenges due to his disability, Alvin's passion for baseball has never wavered and he remains dedicated to pursuing his dream of being a full-time baseball writer. His work provides valuable insights into the game and serves as an inspiration to anyone facing challenges in their own lives.

Nick Halden,Contributor

Blogging Dirty Expert - Contributor Cat Crave and Lake Show Life Obsessed with all things NFL and NBA

Aaron Hurt,Contributor

Soccer style kicker, graduated from Collier High June 1976, Stetson University honors graduate class of 1980, holds 2 NCAA Division One records, one for most points in a season, one for distance, former nickname "The Mule", the first and only pro-athlete to come out of Collier County, and one HELL of a model American!Just kidding! Just a normal guy from Nebraska with a life long passion for the Colorado Rockies

Brett Silas,Contributor

A former Division II Baseball player, currently living in Charlotte, NC, with an overwhelming love for the game of baseball and the Atlanta Braves.

Ari Weiss,Contributor

Ari Weiss is a contributor to FanSided.

Nelson Barnes II,Contributor

I am an avid Orioles, Ravens, Wizards, and Caps fan. I travel, and give unique insights into the local teams of the DMV. You will always be sure to see a great take on sports stories, scores and opinionated topics from the sports world.

Marty Coleman,Contributor

A lifetime sports fan, who's contributed at many sites on multiple sports, with a passion for Clemson and the Astros. Writes with a unique blend of analysis, analytics and personal observations.

Jerry Tapp,Contributor

Jerry spent nearly a decade as an associate editor with a national sports publication, Referee Magazine, and wrote a nationally-syndicated sports statistics column, “Stats on Tapp” for Universal Press Syndicate. As a freelance sportswriter his work has appeared in Baseball Digest, Inside Sports and the Washington Post. He was also a Scoreboard Statistician for the Milwaukee Brewers for 20 years and wrote the script for two year-end highlight videos and a drug prevention video produced by the major league team. His career background includes work in the area of sports and recreation, non-profit management, and marketing and communications, where he held titles such as Sports Director, Development Director and Marketing Communications Specialist. You can reach Jerry at tappcommunications@yahoo.com.

Caden Karabensh,Contributor

Kael Wornat,Contributor

Undergraduate student at Texas Christian University

Scott Roche,Contributor

Scott Roche has a passion for writing, especially about the teams I like. I tell it like it is.

Nathaniel Sunshine,Contributor

Nathaniel Sunshine has followed the Colorado Rockies his entire life. He loves all things sports and comics and is a proud contributor to @RoxPile.

Noah Yingling,Contributor

Graduate from Bowling Green State University with majors in Media Production and Studies and U.S. and European History. Sandusky, Ohio native and grew up as a fan of the team that was the then-named Cleveland Indians. 24 years old, 80's and 90's TV nerd, baseball nerd (obviously), 70's and 80's music nerd.

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