Baseball Side of FanSided (4/30)

The BBSoFS is a weekly article designed to highlight one article from each of our MLB sites on the Sports Network.  The ultimate goal is to increase the exposure of our MLB team sites, highlight some the work of our writers and in doing so pass along some articles that are relevant to the “happenings” and topics of the week that was.  The BBSoFS also affords me the opportunity to announce new writers to our MLB staff and also to announce staff openings that we have.  Typically this will be published every Friday but from to time, it will be posted on a Saturday.

Tonight I depart on a golfing weekend with some friends to an undisclosed location in the always exciting state of Nebraska.  My weekend will most likely be filled with good times, good conversation (much of it about baseball and football), and plenty of adult beverages.  Thanks to the fact that I am a terrible golfer, it will also be filled with it’s share of frustration out on the course.  The kind of frustration that comes with being able to crush a curveball but the complete inability to hit a small, white ball off a tee in a desired direction.  Maybe if the ball was moving I’d have better luck.  On the bright side of things, I am a decent putter (relative to the rest of my game).  [...]

Staff Announcements:

There are some recruits in the works, but no official announcements to make this week.  Should finally have some news on this front for the next installment of BBSoFS.

Help Wanted:

If you are interested in joining our MLB staff to write for one of the listed teams, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]  We break our staff down into two roles.  Lead Writers are expected to write and publish content on a regular basis.  Contributing Writers are expected to write and publish at least one article per week but are welcome to write more if they choose to do so.

Lasorda’s Lair (Los Angeles Dodgers) Lead Writer
Reviewing the Brew (Milwaukee Brewers) Lead Writer
Rox Pile (Colorado Rockies) – Lead Writer
Southside Showdown (Chicago White Sox) – Lead Writer
Teddy Never Wins (Washington Nationals) – Lead Writer

The Content:

Birds Watcher (Orioles): Tillman Throws a No-Hitter for Norfolk

Blog Red Machine (Reds): Dusty Denies Report

BoSox Injection (Red Sox): Anderson Promoted to Pawtucket

Chicken Friars (Padres): A Quick Padres Update

Cubbies Crib (Cubs): Top Prospect Starlin Castro on the verge of being Called Up

Deep Left Field (Indians): Phillies Didn’t Learn From Tribe’s Mistake

Frisco Fastball (Giants): Giants and Purple Mountain Coors Beer Things Preview

Halo Hangout (Angels): Player Preview – Torii Hunter

Jays Journal (Blue Jays): Bucking Trends

Kings of Kauffman (Royals): You Stay Classy, Kansas City

Marlin Maniac (Marlins): The history of 20-year olds in the majors

Motor City Bengals (Tigers): Porcello Pitching His Way to Toledo

Nolan Writin’ (Rangers): Clint Hurdle was not in the dugout during today’s game

Rayhawk Review (Rays): Welcome to the AL East

Redbird Rants (Cardinals): Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols contract reactions – $50 million a year?

Rising Apple (Mets): Interview with’s Michael Baron

Rum Bunter (Pirates): What Happened Last Night?

Sodo Mojo (Mariners): How the M’s Survived Without Cliff Lee

Swingin’ A’s (Athletics): A’s Injury Woes Worsen

That Balls Outta Here (Phillies): Phillies-Mets Series to Really Test Jeff Francoeur’s Patience with Everybody

Tomahawk Take (Braves): Mets Can Sweep Braves

Twinkie Talk (Twins): Justin Morneau is the Greatest Player in the History of Everything

Venom Strikes (Dbacks): Oh My! People Showed Up to Watch DBacks-Cubs Despite Arizona Illegal Immigration Law

Yanks Go Yard (Yankees):  Robbie Cano, don’t ya know

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