BBSoFS (6/26): A change in methodology

Welcome to another edition of the Baseball Side of FanSided.  This week it returns to its regularly scheduled day, but with a few changes.

You will notice that the number of links has decreased.  This was done to save yours truly a little time, but also, and more importantly, so I can more prominently feature the best work of our MLB sites from the previous week.

In the old format I picked one, and only one, article from each and every one of our MLB sites which meant 31 links to 31 sites.  As a result our best content was buried and at times I had to link to posts that were not nearly as strong as others just to remain consistent.

Well, there will be no more of that.  If I link to a story in this series going forward, I believe it deserves to be linked and I believe it will be worth your time to read it.  As such, the number of links provided each week will fluctuate based on the overall strength of content on our team sites, but there should generally be between 6 and 10 of them.

I hope you will enjoy the new methodology.  (links after the jump)


No new staff announcements this week, but we have found a writer for our Chicago White Sox site Southside Showdown who will be getting underway on Monday.  Look for details on his addition in next week’s BBSoFS.

Help Wanted:

If you are interested in joining our MLB staff to write for one of the listed teams, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]  We break our staff down into two roles.  Lead Writers are expected to write and publish content on a regular basis.  Contributing Writers are expected to write and publish at least one article per week but are welcome to write more if they choose to do so.  On that topic, we are always looking to add contributors to our staff so if you want to cover a team not listed below, please contact me to discuss.

Lead Writer: Rox Pile (Colorado Rockies)

Contributing Writer: Deep Left Field (Cleveland Indians)
Contributing Writer: BoSox Injection (Boston Red Sox)
Contributing Writer: Tomahawk Take (Atlanta Braves)

The Content:

Chicken Friars has officially declared Mat Latos the ace of the Padres rotation.

Cubbies Crib reacts to Carlos Zambrano’s recent blow-up and uses the word “classless” in the process.

Deep Left Field wonders if DiamondView works when it comes to the Indians.

Frisco Fastball believes that it is time for the Giants to bench Bengie Molina in favor of Buster Posey in an attempt to help the offense.

Kings of Kauffman takes a look at the 2010 Royals bullpen before and after the firing of Trey Hillman.

Marlin Maniac ponders the managerial position of the team with the article On Fredi and Bobby.

Rising Apple examines the potential impact that a trade for Cliff Lee could have on the Mets.

According to our Pittsburgh Pirates site, Rum Bunter, the Oakland Athletics Commercials Still Suck.

Tomahawk Take thinks the Fredi Gonzalez talk is premature.

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