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With the Trade Deadline a month away, I figured to change things up this week for “The Buzz” and take a look at three memorable Trades that happened at leading up to the Trade Deadline in recent years.

Nomar Garciappara Traded to the Chicago Cubs in a four team blockbuster trade

One of the biggest trades of all time for the Boston Red Sox.   They traded their own version of Derek Jeter in Nomar Garciaparra to the Chicago Cubs in a 4 way trade. The Chicago Cubs received Nomar Garciaparra and minor league outfielder Matt Murton; The Red Sox received Twins First baseman Doug Mientkiewicz and Expos shortstop Orlando Cabrera; The Twins received minor league pitcher Justin Jones; And the Expos received Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez , Pitcher Francis Beltran, and Infielder Brendan Harris.

The Chicago Cubs at the time felt that they were acquiring the final piece to the puzzle, in their search for a Word Series title. However, that was not the case, as the Cubs wound up missing the playoffs, and Nomar missed the last month of the season due to an injury.

The Expos along with the Twins were not really receiving much in the deal, as both teams had an eye out for the future and not the present. Among the players that the Expos received, Brendan Harris is the only player that is still involved in baseball, as he is with the Twins, and his hitting .157 for them this season.

As for the Boston Red Sox, who wound up with shortstop Orlando Cabrera, and first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz they went on to win the 2004 world series. While Cabrera and Mientkiewicz were by no means star players, they were very important pieces to the Red Sox world series run in 2004. Both provided the team with veteran leadership, while contributing to solid defensive team.

Looking back at this trade in 2010, you have to say that the Boston Red Sox were the clear winners of the deal. Considering that the Cubs only had Garciaparra for a year and a half, and the Red Sox went on to win the World Series.

Manny Ramirez Traded to the Dodgers, in a 3 way trade that sent Jason Bay to Boston

In the days leading up to the 2008 trade deadline, the “Manny Being Manny” era in Boston had taken a turn for the worse, as it is beginning to look clear that Ramirez was not wanted in Boston by neither his teammates nor Red Sox fans, which pushed the Red Sox into trading the slugger. And, on the day of the Trade Deadline, the Boston Red Sox were able to do so. As they sent Manny Ramirez to the Los Angeles Dodgers, a deal which also landed them Jason Bay from the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange Craig Hansen and outfielder Brandon Moss. The Pirates also received infielder Andy LaRoche and pitcher Bryan Morris from the Dodgers.

As I’ve just mentioned, the Red Sox made the deal because they were tired of the Manny Ramirez act. But, also felt the younger Jason Bay would help them for not only the 2008 season but for the following years to come. But, that was not the case as the Red Sox did not win the World Series that year, or in 2009, and Bay walked after the 2009 season and signed with the New York Mets.

The Dodgers, on the other hand, were looking to bring offensive help to an inept offense, and who better than one of the most feared right handed hitters of all time in Manny Ramirez. Ramirez, who is still with the Dodgers, provided a spark for the Dodgers as he hit .396/.489/.743 for the remainder of the year while belting out 17 home runs and driving in another 53 runs. Ramriez’s efforts boosted the Dodgers into the National League championship series, which they lost to the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Pirates, did what the they seem to always do every year at the trade deadline and trade away one of their young stars, this time being Jason Bay. It is a shame to look at what players were once Pirates and how well they are doing with their different teams. Because, if the Pirates had the money to keep the stars that they seem to produce from their farm system, they would actually be one of the better teams in the league, instead of notoriously being the worst team in the league.

Looking at this deal, I’m going to have to say that it is a draw for all teams involved. Considering that the Red Sox were unable to retain Jason Bay once he hit free agency, and the Dodgers while having postseason success have not made a world series appearance with Manny Ramirez.

“The Kid” Goes From Red to Black

In a trade that almost no one saw coming, Ken Griffey Jr’s Reds career came to a quick and abrupt end in 2008, when the Reds dealt the future hall of famer to the Chicago White Sox for reliever Nick Masset, and infielder Danny Richar. While Griffey was more noted for the earlier portions of his career when he was a Seattle Mariner, he later became a big figure in Cincinnati not only as player but as a Person.

Griffey’s Time in Cincinnati, no matter how glorious it was, was clearly starting to become expired. The Reds were starting to go younger, and some suggest that Griffey was not a fit in the transitioning clubhouse. Being part of the younger generation myself, I really only had the chance to watch Griffey when he was with the Reds, I was too young to admire his greatness while he was with the Mariners. To be honest, I never thought I would see the day when he was not wearing a Reds uniform, however that day had arrived.

The Chicago White Sox were looking for offensive help, while also looking for someone that can play center field. Even though Griffey had stopped playing center for the Reds, the White Sox felt that he still could play center for them. But, the move did not turn out the way that the White Sox may have envisioned it, As, Griffey only hit .260 while hitting 3 home runs and driving in 16 runs.

Observing the trade now, I can not really say that their is any winner of the deal. Because, while the Reds dealt Griffey, they did not get any top prospects for him. Masset, is a decent pitcher who can start or come out of the bullpen, but he does not have that much value to a team. Richar, is a below average second basemen who probably will be int he minor leagues for most of his career. And, the White Sox and Ken Griffey were never a good fit, Griffey given his condition and age, was not able to play center field while contributing offensively, and the White Sox should have seen that before they traded for him.

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