Ryan Theriot Suspended for Two Games

Major League Baseball handed Ryan Theriot a two game suspension and fine Tuesday as a result of the shortstop’s ejection from Sunday’s game against the Reds.

Umpire Mike Muchlinski called a runner safe at second in the 6th inning of that contest, saying that Theriot’s foot was off the bag.  Theriot vehemently disagreed with the decision, immediately yelling and moving toward Muchlinski after the call was made.

Theriot is appealing the league’s decision and will continue playing for the Cardinals until his case is heard.

“I’ve never been suspended from anything in my life,” he said. “It stinks, but I guess it’s one of those things. It is what it is. We’re going to appeal it and hopefully get it [reduced].”

Apparently Theriot was surprised by the suspension, but looking at the replay, I can see where the league’s coming from.

I’m not sure if Theriot has any history with Muchlinski or the ump missed a call earlier in the game, but the Cardinals’ shortstop simply went off on him in the 6th.  After charging him screaming and waiving his hand emphatically in Muchlinski’s face, the brim of Theriot’s hat appeared to come into contact with the ump, likely prompting the toss.

After the ejection, Theriot had to be restrained by another umpire and then teammate Albert Pujols before exiting the field.

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