David Ortiz Concerned About Contract Situation

David Ortiz became a member of the Red Sox in 2003 and since then has really known nothing but success with the club.  Ortiz finds it hard to imagine himself donning another uniform, but he’s become concerned that he may not be in Boston’s future plans.

Ortiz is in the final year of the 5 year $64.5 million contract he signed with the Sox before the 2007 season.  Unless something is figured out between Boston and Big Papi, the slugger is set to become a free agent after this season.

This wouldn’t be the case if it were up to Ortiz, who has been hoping Boston would extend themselves to him regarding contract negotiations this year.  However, no such talks have taken place and Ortiz is left wondering what is next.

“David is (too) proud and respectful to say how he feels in public, but the guy feels hurt, upset by the way that he is being ignored by the Red Sox,” said a source close to Ortiz. “After all he’s done here and having a good season, he was at least hoping to be approached by the team to talk about his future.”

After this source made the comments, reporters questioned Ortiz before yesterday’s game whether or not the statements were accurate.  Ortiz told them that this isn’t something he should necessarily be worrying about while having another strong year for the club and confirmed that he has not talked to anyone about a new deal.

When asked why he thought this was the case, Ortiz responded with the following.

“I don’t know what to say exactly about that. It’s a question that I get often, and I don’t know what to say,” Ortiz said. “Maybe they are focusing on something different. … This sport is a business above all. People know what I can do. Right now I don’t see myself in another uniform, but that’s not up to me. It will be decided in free agency.”

Even though he’s 35, Ortiz has continued his rate of strong production in 2011, posting a line of .286/.374/.532 with 21 home runs and 71 RBI’s.  Big Papi currently leads all designated hitters in home runs and OPS.

A new deal would seem mutually beneficial, as Ortiz sounds like he wants to remain in Boston and the slugger has continued to produce for the club.

It’s understandable that the Red Sox don’t want to get into a similar situation as their New York rivals are in with Jorge Posada, but should be able to come to an agreement on a shorter deal that keeps their Papi in Boston as long as he can keep on producing.

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