CttP Weekly Recap: 10/21/11 – 10/27/11

Outs away from baseball’s winter hiatus, let’s take a look and see what feature articles Call to the Pen’s staff offered during this final week of the 2011 season.


Tim got the weekend started by taking a look at the top nine players (by position) to never play in the World Series.

Lew kept the Fall Classic theme going by examining how new players seem to jump out of the woodwork each postseason.


I detailed Albert Pujols’s postgame Houdini act and Yu Darvish’s announcement that he never actually announced a decision whether or not he was joining MLB.


Joe dug deeper into Alex Gordon’s breakout season.

With Theo Epstein’s official resignation, Lew gave the new emperor of Wrigley a to-do list.  Lew also took a look at some of the international stars of today and how they would have been unknowns not that many years ago.


Joe told us how Epstein’s best attribute he’s taking with him to Chi-Town is his ability to build a farm system.

Following Derek Holland’s gem, Lew explained why pitching is really what sets baseball apart from other sports.


Lew let us all know that he’s ready for the Rangers to end their World Series drought.


Tim compared this year’s bunch of Redbirds to the group that won the 1982 World Series.

Joe continued his ‘Year of the Breakout’ by taking a look at Mike Napoli’s impressive 2011.


Mickey examined C.J. Wilson and the potential payday the free agent-to-be can expect.

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