Lenny Dykstra vs. Jose Canseco in Celebrity Fight Night

Major League Baseball castoffs Lenny Dykstra and Jose Canseco are set to do battle this weekend.  The down-and-out duo will fight in Alki David’s Celebrity Fight Night, Saturday November 5th.  Dykstra apparently requested the fight, stating that he hopes to pay Canseco back for ruining his “career by spreading lies”.

This Celebrity Fight Night had been in the works for some time and included names like Canseco, Coolio and Michael Lohan.  In the original lineup, Canseco would have squared off against former White House crasher Tareq Salahi.  But Dykstra recently reached out to Salahi and “begged him” to let him take his place in the fight against Canseco.

Dan Herman, Dykstra’s business manager, told reporters that “Lenny is fighting for his good name in baseball”.  According to Herman, Dykstra’s life has been turned upside down “mainly because of snitches” like Canseco.  Herman finished by calling Canseco one of the “many rats” that have diminished Dykstra’s career.

Both Dykstra and Canseco have fallen on hard times, mainly on their own, and are surely hoping this fight will help fund their ever-growing debt.  Canseco became famous for his ‘whistle-blowing’ during regarding steroids in baseball.

Dykstra has been in the news lately for racking up arrests faster than the Lohan family.  Dykstra’s laundry list of charges include; grand theft auto, filing false financial statements, possession of cocaine, Ecstasy and growth hormone and his most recent charge of indecent exposure.

For those of you hoping to watch Canseco and Dykstra destroy one another once and for all, it will only set you back $20.  Get your popcorn ready.

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