Thanksgiving Thanks for Each MLB Team

As we all prepare for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner/eating all day, I wanted to take a moment to share what FanSided MLB believes each team in Major League Baseball should be thankful for.  Some clubs are certainly more blessed than others, but FanSided’s writers put their heads together and managed to come up with at least one thing that each team has to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers from FanSided MLB and Call to the Pen.

Seedlings to Stars

“Seedlings to Stars is thankful for the 41+ million fans that attended minor league baseball games during the 2011 season and for the new CBA which guarantees another 5 years of labor peace in the game we all love so much.”

Wally Fish – Seedlings to Stars

Arizona Diamondbacks

“Diamondbacks fans should be thankful for young stars such as Justin Upton and Ian Kennedy and for the 2011 NL Manager of the Year, Kirk Gibson.”

Blaine Blontz – Call to the Pen

Atlanta Braves

“The Braves can be thankful for the fine young arms in their system and the truly quality individuals that possess them. No drama, no ego, just talent and teamwork.”

Fred Owens – Tomahawk Take

Baltimore Orioles

“The Orioles are thankful for their new logos which are actually their old ones when they were actually a professional team winning games instead of a bunch of minor league talent passing as pros. And I guess Zach Britton.

And Dan Duquette? I’m not sure about that one yet but hey maybe the 15th year’s the charm?”

Lauren Tilly – Birds Watcher

“I’m thankful that someone finally took the job of Orioles general manager.”

Blaine Blontz – Call to the Pen

Boston Red Sox

“Red Sox fans can still be faithful that they get to watch baseball at Fenway Park.”

Lew Freedman – Call to the Pen

“To add to the Bosox giving thanks, we’re thankful for Tommy John surgery and John Lackey missing the entire 2012 season!”

Derek Stykalo – BoSox Injection

The Top 10 Reasons for Thankfulness in Red Sox Nation

Bill Smith – BoSox Injection

Chicago Cubs

“I am thankful that the Cubs World Series drought will end within the next five years under the watch of Theo Epstein, and Jed Hoyer. That’s right, I said it.”

Jordan Campbell – Cubbies Crib

Chicago White Sox

“The White Sox are thankful for Gordon Beckham‘s hair.”

Anders Johanson – Southside Showdown

Cincinnati Reds

“Reds fans can be thankful that Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder could both potentially be leaving the NL Central.”

Blaine Blontz – Call to the Pen

Cleveland Indians

“We Tribe fans have a lot of things to be thankful for, but right now I’d say having Grady Sizemore back on a very team-friendly deal is at the top of the list.”

Lewis Pollis – Wahoo’s on First

Colorado Rockies

“The Rockies are thankful for a Ty Wigginton-free 2012 and that Jim Tracy is in the last year of his contract. Also, that Juan Nicasio wasn’t more seriously hurt when he broke his neck in July and that his recovery has been so promising.”

Michelle Hoag – Rox Pile

“I would have to say that the Rockies are thankful for their fans. For the past few years running, the Rockies still tank in the top 5 in attendance even though they haven’t produced on the field since 2007.”

Ben Warwick – Rox Pile

Detroit Tigers

“Tigers are thankful for a lot of things. Most of all, they are thankful for playing in the A.L. Central.”

John Verburg – Motor City Bengals

Houston Astros

“I’m thankful for a new owner who understands building a strong farm system instead of spending on washed up players to just stay mediocre is the right way to go.  Oh, also a train that carries roided up oranges across our left field wall.”

Alex Sandoval – Climbing Tal’s Hill

Kansas City Royals

“Royals fans can be thankful for all of their young talent and because, even though he’s signed Bruce Chen and traded for Jonathan Sanchez, Dayton Moore is still looking for starting pitchers.”

Blaine Blontz – Call to the Pen

Los Angeles Angels

“The Angels are thankful for a new General Manager, a new divisional opponent in 2013, an extra Wild Card spot in which they can throw Jered Weaver in a one-game playoff and still have pitching deep enough to compete in a seven game series, and the Vernon Wells contract. Wait, scratch that last one.”

Dan Cavender – Halo Hangout

Los Angeles Dodgers

“We as Dodger fans are first and foremost thankful that we will be getting a new owner! We are also thankful to have the most utterly dominating pitcher in baseball in Kershaw, and the best position player in baseball (Kemp), who should have won MVP. We’re also thankful to have a pitcher that shows loyalty unheard of in this modern era (Kuroda).  Also Vin Scully’s beautiful voice.”

Scott Andes – Lasorda’s Lair

Miami Marlins

“Marlins are thankful for Hanley Ramirez, Mike Stanton, and the other young talent we have, the new stadium, and the Front Office’s new found money.”

Ehsan Kassim – Marlin Maniac

Milwaukee Brewers

“I am thankful that the San Diego Padres found enough value in Mark Kotsay to sign him, thus ending his reign of terrible baseball in Milwaukee.  Brewers fans are also very thankful for NL MVP Ryan Braun and all that he does for the team and the city of Milwaukee.”

Lou Olsen – Reviewing the Brew

Minnesota Twins

“As a Twins fan, I’m thankful for the return of Terry Ryan, the Grover Cleveland of Twins GMs.”

Nate Gilmore – Puckett’s Pond

New York Mets

“Blue Walls and New Citi Field Dimensions and getting to watch Jose Reyes play over the past few years, even though he might not return.”

Matthew Kaufman – Rising Apple

New York Yankees

“I’m thankful there’s no salary cap.”

Andrew Corselli – Yanks Go Yard

Oakland Athletics

“Swingin’ A’s is thankful that Oakland’s home attendance actually rose this season. The A’s finished with an attendance of 1,476,792 up from last year’s total of 1,418,391. We lost more games, but more fans showed up to the games this year. We’re extremely popular, as you can see. Who needs San Jose?”

Joseph Lopez – Swingin’ A’s

Philadelphia Phillies

“The Phillies can be thankful that there is no rule stating that putting the time, effort, money, and man power into training top prospects for many years doesn’t mean you can’t ball them all up and trade them for a superstar in a single afternoon.  Also, money.  They should be thankful for money.”

Justin Klugh – That Balls Outta Here

Pittsburgh Pirates

“The Pittsburgh Pirates should be thankful for their diehard fans.”

Tom Smith – Rum Bunter

San Diego Padres

“The Padres are thankful for Cameron Maybin and the 2012 season.

Maybin provided the only watchable entertainment on the Padres squad all season. His speed in the outfield and on the base paths was exciting, and his bat provided a little spark too.

2012 brings hope of new beginnings, helps us forget a 20 under .500 season, and allows us to see the new faces of the Friars. On Opening Day, everyone is in first place. So at least for a day in 2012, the Padres can look forward to being on top.”

Justin Hunter – Chicken Friars

San Francisco Giants

“Around the Foghorn is thankful for Barry Zito‘s contract and – oh wait. Wrong holiday. Trying again…

Around the Foghorn is thankful that Buster Posey no longer needs a wheelchair to eat his Thanksgiving dinner and that Pablo Sandoval is out of the country so he doesn’t eat Buster Posey’s dinner or anybody else’s within fifty feet. And for that whole little World Series run last year too. That was sorta nice. I’d like second’s on that, please.”

Bryan Rosa – Around the Foghorn

Seattle Mariners

“The Mariners are thankful for 3 more guaranteed years of Felix!”

Harrison Crow – SoDo Mojo

St. Louis Cardinals

“Cardinals fans can be thankful for the amazing end to the regular season and playoff run the Cardinals had, culminating in their franchise’s 11th World Championship.”

Blaine Blontz – Call to the Pen

Tampa Bay Rays

“Rays fans can be thankful that Andrew Friedman decided to stay put and for the 2011 AL Manager of the Year Joe Maddon.”

Blaine Blontz – Call to the Pen

Texas Rangers

“The Rangers are thankful that Mike Maddux loves his family, that the Angels couldn’t get along with Mike Napoli, and that they have perhaps the best GM in the business.”

John Parent – Nolan Writin’

Toronto Blue Jays

“Jays Journal is thankful for a successful re-branding complete with new uniforms. The blue is back in Blue Jays, and no longer are the team’s primary colors gray and black.”

Jared Macdonald – Jays Journal

Washington Nationals

“Washington is thankful for the safe return of Wilson Ramos, the tandem of Stephen Strasburg and Jordan Zimmermann leading the rotation for years to come, the pending extension that will keep Ryan Zimmerman a National for life, and the optimistic future facing the organization both in 2012 and beyond. Personally, I’m thankful for the opportunity to write about my passion, the game of baseball, alongside numerous like-minded and talented individuals.”

Aaron Somers – District on Deck

“Washington Nationals fans are thankful that Wilson Ramos is home safe and that we have a team to root for after 34 years with nothing.”

Tim Holland – Call to the Pen

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