2011 MLB Trade Rumors: A's Still Actively Shopping Players

Yesterday the Oakland A’s traded young right-hander Trevor Cahill to the Arizona Diamondbacks for prospects.  Some may have thought that this would signal an end to the A’s offseason moves.  According to Ken Rosenthol of Fox Sports, this isn’t close to being true.  Rosenthol is hearing that “the Cahill deal was Phase One”.  Along with Cahill, the A’s will look to trade talented young pitchers Gio Gonzalez and Andrew Bailey.  So far this offseason, the Rangers, Blue Jays, Nationals, Marlins, Red Sox, Rays and Reds have been tied to at least one of these two players.

Rosenthol reports that the Angels free spending last week only further confirmed the A’s “vastly inferior status in the AL West”.  As a result, Rosenthol says Oakland is again “turning back the clock” and looking to acquire as much young talent as possible.

While many people assume teams are just being cheap when they ‘look to acquire young talent’, but Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle says this is not the case with the A’s.  Slusser reports that Oakland is simply looking to bring in younger talent that will allow the club to be competitive in three years.  This three-year window is being used in anticipation of the A’s potential move to a new ballpark in San Jose.

The buzz surrounding Gonzalez and Bailey has increased according to Rosenthol.  Bailey offers teams a less expensive alternative to fill their closer’s role while Gonzalez is considered to be one of the best pitchers available at this time.  Rosenthol says that once the Yu Darvish sweepstakes conclude, demand for Gonzalez only figures to swell.

The Blue Jays, Nationals and Marlins have all shown interest in Gonzalez while the Rays are considered to be in on Bailey.  The Red Sox, Rangers and Reds have checked in on both players.

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