Prince Fielder Rumors: Cubs, Nationals, Blue Jays Edition

It’s a new year but at least one thing has carried over from 2011; the Prince Fielder saga.  Fielder remains a free agent, and the market for Prince is no clearer than it was last year.  While eight teams are said to be in the mix for Fielder, Ken Davidoff of has updates on three of Prince’s suitors; the Blue Jays, Nationals and Cubs.

According to Davidoff, Fielder’s top choice was the Chicago Cubs.

Fielder’s reasoning for choosing the Cubbies?

Davidoff says that Chicago is a “reasonable distance” from Fielder’s home in Florida and that the slugger has always posted Prince-ly numbers at Wrigley Field.

Unfortunately for Fielder and his agent Scott Boras, the Cubs appear set to undertake in a ‘total rebuild’ as they head into 2012.

The Nationals have been heavily tied to Fielder over the past week, and Davidoff notes that Washington is “always regarded as a likely buyer” when it comes to Boras clients.  It’s been reported that the Nationals may ultimately present Fielder with his highest offer of the winter when all is said and done.

But, Davidoff hears that the Nationals may be a “little gun-shy” after spending big last winter on Boras client Jayson Werth.  That signing didn’t exactly turn out well for the Nationals, at least last season, and Washington also owes first baseman Adam LaRoche $8 million in 2012.

Davidoff considered the Blue Jays as the favorites to reel in Fielder a few months ago, but now Toronto is saying they won’t offer Prince more than five years.  This could present problems for Fielder-to-Toronto fans, as Boras has noted the bidding for his Prince will start at seven-years.

While most of the details involving the Prince Fielder market remain murky as we begin a new year, Davidoff ascertains that one this is for sure:  “It would be foolish to bet against Boras”.

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