Seedling to Stars Releases Top 100 MLB Prospects List

Nathaniel Stoltz and the gang over at Seedlings to Stars, FanSided MLB’s minor league baseball site, have done a great job covering everything MiLB.  Today Nathaniel wrapped up his impressive series on MLB’s top 100 prospects of 2012.

Not only did Nathaniel name and list 100 of the game’s top prospects, but he offered readers a detailed profile of each player.  Nathaniel knocked out a profile per day since the end of September and unveiled his top prospect of 2012 this morning.

As if this wasn’t enough, Nathaniel and MLB Director Wally Fish are set to begin a series detailing each MLB organizations list of top prospects.  These articles will be posted in alphabetical order starting with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Because of the time these lists will require to produce, Nathaniel and Wally will be publishing posts every other day.

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