Yu Darvish Rumors: Rangers Offering Darvish Dice-K Money

According to Jon Heyman, sources have told CBSSports.com that the Texas Rangers are offering Japanese starting pitcher Yu Darvish “Dice-K money”.  The phrase refers to the six-year, $52 million contract the Red Sox signed Daisuke Matsuzaka to in December of 2006.  Heyman says that there’s no evidence that an agreement between the Rangers and Darvish is imminent.

Once it became clear that Darvish would be posted this offseason, it began being reported that the 25-year-old’s representation was seeking a five-year, $75 million contract.  That would put the Rangers total commitment for Darvish in the $125 million range, following their winning bid of just over $50 million.

Now, at least to begin negotiations, it appears that the Rangers are hoping to use Matsuzaka’s pact with the Red Sox as a barometer of sorts, helping them work their way to a deal with Darvish.  While Dice-K received his $52 million over six years, Heyman believes the Rangers are likely offering Darvish a similar amount over five years.  This would fall more in line with the annual salary Darvish is seeking.

Heyman says that while the Rangers may be willing to “go a bit higher than Matsuzaka’s contract”, they are hoping to keep Darvish’s deal “within shouting distance” of that mark.

The Rangers and Darvish has until the 18th of January to reach an agreement, and all signs still seem to be pointing to an eventual signing.  Still, the general consensus is that the Darvish negotiations will likely go down to the wire.

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