Yoenis Cespedes Rumors: Miami Marlins and the Dominican Winter League

Yoennis Cespedes won’t simply be resting on his YouTube displays as he awaits his first major league contract.  ESPNDesportes.com’s Enrique Rojas is reporting that Cespedes is set to begin playing in the Dominican Winter League with Aguilas Cibaenas.  While some think this is a foolish move for the 26-year-old to make, the Miami Marlins appear ready to get stupid themselves in the coming weeks.  While speaking on 790 The Ticket yesterday, Marlins president David Samson said that his club is prepared to be “aggressive right to the point of stupidity” when it comes to signing Cespedes.

Cespedes, who is close to receiving his letter of temporary residency in the DR, joined the Dominican Winter League Thursday.  As he gets started in the DWL, Cespedes will act as Aguilas’ designated hitter.

All eyes figure to be on Cespedes as he approaches the free agent market.  As the hype is already sky-high for the Cuban native, some question the logic of Cespedes hitting the field in the DR.

Meanwhile, one of Cespedes’ primary suitors has indicated that they’re prepared to make a strong push to acquire the outfielder’s services.

Marlins president David Samson continued his talk with 790 The Ticket by saying Miami feels as if Cespedes represents a “perfect fit”.  Samson noted that, because Cespedes is a Cuban native and currently living in the Dominican, a signing “makes perfect sense”.

Still, Samson said that the Marlins have “to be sane” when it comes to Cespedes.  This likely refers to earlier reports that had Cespedes’ asking price in the $60 million range.  While many now feel that his eventual contract will be lower than that figure, it’s hard to tell what will happen once Cespedes hits the market.

All in all, Samson said that he feels as if the Marlins are “right in there” when it comes to Cespedes.  Though he noted Miami will avoid getting “irrational”, Samson said his team is prepared to offer Cespedes the “significant signing bonus and contract” that he figures to require.

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