Welcome to FanSided 3.0

Call to the Pen is happy to welcome you to FanSided 3.0, our network’s updated look.  We are one of the first FanSided baseball sites to test out the new design, but soon this will be adopted network wide as FanSided continues its attempt at bringing readers the best experience possible.

FanSided 3.0 is just another way to show that we are working around the clock to bring you the best sports content on the web. The new layout will help us get more headlines in front of you and keep more content on the front page longer. This way, our feature pieces will get the time they deserve at the top of the page longer and you’ll never miss out on a story or news item. It’s more headlines, more conversation, and more of the sports commentary and news you love.


The great new feature that we are very excited about is the Hub. Located on the right side of the front page, The Hub will bring you the latest on anything and everything going on around the world of Major League Baseball. Featuring content from a grouping of our favorite sources, you’ll no longer have to scour the web for the best content on the sport you love. At FanSided, we’re bringing the best content to you. Whether it’s tweets, links, quotes or videos, whether it be from a FanSided site or from somewhere else on the web, you’ll always be able to get your baseball fix right here on Call to the Pen.

We hope you enjoy the new layout, which, as we mentioned above, is still in a testing phase. Have a look, click around and test things out. Please also leave us your feedback and alert us of any problems you may run into. We do this for you, the fan, and we want 3.0 to be as big a hit with you as it is with us.

Thanks for reading everyone, and enjoy FanSided 3.0.

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