There will be no baseball for Jose Canseco any time soon.

Jose Canseco Refuses Drug Test; Banned from Mexican League

Earlier this week it was Lenny Dykstra.  Now, it’s Jose Canseco.  Jose found his way back into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons yesterday, as according to ESPN, Mexican Baseball League officials say Canseco has acknowledged that he took a banned substance for which he had no prescription.  The report added that Canseco will no longer play in the Mexican Baseball League as previously expected.

It was later confirmed by Plinio Escalante, president of the Mexican Baseball League, that the banned substance which Canseco acknowledged taking is testosterone.  Canseco is also reportedly not willing to take a drug test, which along with his admitting to have taken testosterone resulted in a ban from the Mexican Baseball League.

It appeared that Canseco would be back in baseball this season, as he recently tried out for the Quintana Roo Tigers.  Later on the same day of the tryout, Canseco tweeted that he was “back in baseball” as he was preparing to leave for spring training with the club.  According to ESPN, the Mexican League is part of MLB’s minor league system at the Triple-A level, but its teams are not affiliated with individual major league clubs.

As usually is the case with anything involving Canseco, there is certainly more to come.  For those of you who can’t get enough of the MVP turned blackballed author, follow Canseco on Twitter @JoseCanseco.  But if misspellings and illogical statements of 140 characters or less aren’t you’re thing, do so at your own risk.

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