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Roy Oswalt Rumors: Oswalt Needs 60 Days to Get Ready

For those of you waiting for free agent starting pitcher Roy Oswalt to swoop in and make your team’s season outlook a bit brighter, prepare to be disappointed.  According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Oswalt will require 60 days or so to get ready to pitch at the major league level.

A source told Rosenthal that Oswalt would need approximately two months to train and condition himself in order to become ready to pitch.  This statement seems to line up with Oswalt and his agent’s statements saying the veteran is likely to sign closer to mid-season.

Another factor playing into Oswalt’s decision to sit out the first half of the year is his family.  Initially, Oswalt entered the offseason interested in signing with a club located close to his Mississippi home.  At this point, Oswalt has said he’s willing to sign anywhere, but with the stipulation that it will likely be closer to June or July.  If he did this, Oswalt’s children would be on summer vacation which would allow him to take his family with him wherever he ultimately decides to pitch.

While money doesn’t seem to be as significant of a factor, it obviously plays a role.  If Oswalt signs mid-season, it’s been speculated that he may be able to receive a contract close or even equivalent to the ones he’s been offered to pitch for a full year.

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