Jose Canseco Signs with Worcester Tornadoes

Jose Canseco has attempted to sell himself as a baseball player for much of the past year, and it appears that the former Bash Brother has finally found a taker.  Yesterday morning the Worcester Tornadoes announced that they had signed Canseco to a one season contract.  According to the Tornadoes press release, Canseco, who’s still termed a slugger by their accounts, is slated for first base and designated hitter.

Earlier this spring it looked as if Canseco would be once again playing professional baseball.  It was reported that Canseco was nearing a deal with the Quintana Roo Tigers of the Mexican Baseball League.  However, before ever playing in a Mexican League game, Canseco was banned due to his acknowledged use of testosterone and unwillingness to take a blood test.

Now it looks as if Canseco will in fact be partaking in organized baseball for the 2012 season.  The Tornadoes are part of the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball, which oddly enough is based in Durham, North Carolina.  According to Wikipedia, the level of play featured in the CANAM is comparable to that of Single-A leagues, which means it may take Canseco a while to get up to speed with his new team.

It’s evident that someone wrote Canseco’s quote regarding the signing, as it actually makes sense.  Tornadoes GM Jorg Bassiacos said that he expects Canseco to “bring a lot of excitement” to the team.

Team owner, Todd Breighner, went a step further to say that he views Canseco as a “very solid baseball player”.  Breighner then blew everyone’s mind by using the phrases “make communities stronger” and “become part of the social fabric of the communities” in the same paragraph as “Jose Canseco”.

While this is no more than a publicity stunt for both parties, it will be interesting reading box scores containing Canseco, Jose.  I wonder if you can get fined for your Tweets in the CANAM?

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