Jose Canseco's Twitter Account Tease

Jose Canseco recently made national headlines as it was announced the former MLB slugger signed a one-year contract with the Worcester Tornadoes.  While residents of Worcester, Massachusetts will be able to enjoy themselves some Jose Canseco live on a near nightly basis this summer, those of us not in the region have to rely on his Twitter account for our fix.  However, yesterday it appeared this outlet would no longer be available.

Yesterday afternoon it appeared that Canseco had deleted his Twitter account.  While this almost certainly shouldn’t be news, since it is related to Canseco and because of his often ridiculous Tweets it is in the world of baseball.

But Canseco’s 461,331 Twitter followers didn’t have to go too long without a dose of Jose.  Canseco’s Twitter account resurfaced later in the day and the former Bash Brother was back at it, Tweeting relentlessly.

I will admit that I am one of Canseco’s 461,331 followers.  It’s been reported that it’s no longer cool to be included under this list, but if you are in need of a laugh or ever want to feel better about yourself, you can find Canseco at @JoseCanseco.

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