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Delmon Young Arrested; Could be Charged with Hate Crime

Delmon Young is in the news once again for all the wrong reasons.  According to the New York Post, the Detroit Tigers outfielder was arrested in New York last night and charged with aggravated harassment after he allegedly scratched a 32-year-old male during an altercation.  It’s also being reported that Young shouted anti-Semitic phrases before the altercation took place, leading authorities to look into the possibility of charging the 26-year-old with a hate crime.

On his way home from a New York bar late last night/early this morning, Young and others walked past a man asking for change in the streets.  The man was wearing a yarmulke and his presence incited anger in Young to the point where he began shouting “F—king Jews!  F—king Jews!”.

This led another group of friends to confront Young about his anti-Semitic language which ultimately resulted in an altercation.  During the dustup, Young allegedly scratched one of the men before returning to his hotel.  Witnesses said that Young was extremely intoxicated, so much so that he had to be sobered up at his hotel before he was arrested.

The Tigers have yet to release a statement regarding the incident, but this certainly isn’t something Young wants to find himself in the news for.  The altercation is one thing and his intelligence can be questioned for being out so late and in such an intoxicated state the night before a game.  However, the anti-Semitic remarks take this one to a whole new level.

More is certainly to come.

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