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Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels Turn Back the Clock: Game Notes

On Saturday, the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or Wherever played a baseball game at Seattle’s Safeco Field. The game started 4:15pm local time. The game was notable outside of the normal circumstances because both teams were partaking in Turn Back the Clock Night. The two teams wore facsimiles of old Pacific Coast League uniforms from 1955. The Mariners wore the home off-white and red of the Seattle Rainiers while the Angels wore the road grey and royal blue of the Los Angeles Angels—imagine that. I’m normally quite taken by throwback uniforms of any style from any team, but this particular contest was even more keen to my interests because I just so happened to attend the game live. What follows are a collection of my assorted games notes and thoughts concerning what I witnessed. They may or may not be interesting at all.

    •  If you’re looking for some crack scouting reports and observations on the quality of Felix Hernandez’s pitching repertoire, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place. I was sitting in my normal viewing section of the left field bleachers the whole game, talking and imbibing alcohol. And besides, I don’t really know anything about real baseball at all.
    • The throwback jerseys were fantastic. There were no last names on any of the jerseys. Most, if not all, of the Mariners/Rainiers players wore their red socks high in a very aesthetically pleasing fashion. The Seattle Rainiers were a particularly wonderful choice for the throwback promotion, what with their name evoking the popular local Mount Rainier, and the “R” of their caps and jerseys mirroring exactly the logo of the popular and nostalgic and cheap Seattle beer. My one small quibble with the jerseys is that the Angels were outfitted with some excellent striped socks and very few players took the opportunity to feature them. I figured that my main man Peter Bourjos would be available to deliver the goods, alas, he did not start the game and was only in the outfield for a total of three outs to close the game.
    • It was very strange to be wearing red and also be a Mariners fan going to a home game against the Los Angeles Angels. I managed to survive the confusing ordeal, somehow.
    • The main video scoreboard and screens surrounding the perimeter of the stadium stayed black and white, 50’s style for much of the game. Some time near the 7th inning stretch, “Technicolor” was introduced and updated graphics followed.  The PA announcer for the game was shown prominently between innings, wearing a classic black suit and hat and using one of those old-timey microphones that the rockabilly types are so fond of even today.
    • Much of the Safeco Field employees manned their positions in era appropriate garb. Many leather jackets and rolled up jeans and poodle skirts and the like.
    • For Felix Hernandez starts, the Mariners have begun to offer special seating in a section named “The King’s Court.” The ticket price includes a free T-shirt and placard with large “K” to hold up while yelling when Felix gets two strikes on any given batter. For this game, the King’s Court was extended from one section to four, and the T-shirts and signs that were given out were red and designed to fit the theme of the game. It was cool stuff. Maybe I’m biased.
    • Albert Pujols hit a home run to lead off the fourth inning and it was rather impressive indeed. He seemed to have been jammed a little bit and didn’t appear to make solid contact. Off the bat, it looked to me like a pretty routine fly out, but instead, the ball carried and carried and flew over the centerfield fence. Safeco Field is not an easy place to hit home runs to dead center, especially on less than ideal swings. Albert Pujols is still good at baseball.
    • Speaking of good at baseball: Mike Trout. You’re welcome for that hard hitting piece of analysis.
    • Between innings, there were both a hula hoop and 50s costume contest. A nice little girl and nice couple won each, respectively.
    • I was not in my seat at the time Felix Hernandez game up a grand slam home run to Alberto Callaspo. This is probably for the best, as there were children present in my section and there is a definite possibility that I would have indulged in profanity.

    Blue helmets. / Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

    • I was not in my seat at the time, because my wife and I were attempting to track down a pulled pork sandwich for her to eat. Earlier in the game, a password had been announced on the main scoreboard. Anyone who said “Rainiers” at the barbeque vendor would receive two American Dollars off their pulled pork sandwich. This was a deal not to be missed.
    • The Mariners lost. They tend to do that. But at least Justin Smoak hit a home run. Right?
    • Right?

    Kyle writes baseball nonsense at The Trance of Waiting. You can follow him on Twitter @AgainstKyle.


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