The Dodgers may be able to afford Kevin Youkilis easier than Carlos Quentin. (Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE)

Carlos Quentin, Kevin Youkilis Rumors: Los Angeles Dodgers Interested

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times thinks either Carlos Quentin or Kevin Youkiliscould end up with the

Carlos Quentin is one of the hottest trade targets this season. (Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE)

Dodgers.  However, he feels Youkilis is more likely to end up with the Boys in Blue.

Accoring to Shaikin, Carlos Quentin may cost too much.  If the Padres hold off on trading him and make a qualifying offer – $12 million or more – should Quentin sign elsewhere, the team will have to yield a draft pick to the Padres.  San Diego may use that fact as leverage to get more for Quentin in a July trade than they otherwise may have.  The Dodgers, though, can ill-afford to part with any top-level prospects right now.

That may be a problem with Kevin Youkilis as well, but less of a problem than trading for Quentin.  The Red Sox seem intent on demanding top-level prospects in return for Youkilis, but demand for the aging corner infielder may not be high enough for Boston to make such demands.  Multiple teams are interested, but Shaikin feels the Dodgers have a true shot.

Youkilis would cost $4 million to rent from the Boston Red Sox for the final two months of the season; the Dodgers could keep him for $13 million next season or buy him out for $1 million. The greater the rental fee, the lesser the prospects required in trade — and the money owed to Quentin is less than half that owed to Youkilis.

Carlos Quentin is hitting .484/.543/1.097 since coming off the disabled list.  His trade value has been sky-rocketing since his return despite injury concerns.  Kevin Youkilis, on the other hand, is hitting just .231/.309/.373 this season and is taking less walks than he’s used to.  He is walking on average just 8.1% of the time compared with a career average of 12.4%.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are out-performing the expectations of most analysts and should be big-time buyers at the trade deadline.  The new ownership likely did not expect to compete as soon as this team has, but they may want to capitalize on it and see how far this team can go.

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